Armenia is planning to sign liberal air services agreements with 22 countries
 Saturday, December 28 2013 11:03

Armenia is planning to carry out serious reforms in its aviation sector and to sign liberal air services agreements with 22 countries. The first such agreement was signed with Russia a few days ago, Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan told journalists on Friday.  

Prime Minister: There is no alternative to compulsory accumulative pension system
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:32

 There is no alternative to the compulsory accumulative pension system, Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said at today's press conference in Yerevan.   

Armenian PM: There can be no customs points between Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:14

The Nagorno-Karabakh problem cannot be an obstacle to Armenia's accession to the Customs Union, Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan told journalists on Friday, when asked to comment on the Kazakh President's statement about the need to clarify the Customs Union's borders in view of the Nagorno- Karabakh problem.

Rosneft is ready to invest $400 mln in construction of a tyre plant in Armenia
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:13

Rosneft is ready to invest in 400 mln USD in construction of a tyre plant in Armenia, Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan said at the Dec 27 press conference.   

Zaruhi Postanjyan prepares symbolic New Year postcards for President, PM, Speaker of Parliament and Chairman of Constitutional Court
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:12

The leader of the parliamentary group of Heritage Party Zaruhi Postanjyan has prepared symbolic New Year postcards for the President, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Parliament and the Chairman of the Constitutional Court.

Prime Minister of Armenia: When making the decision on joining the Customs Union, we knew that it is a multifactor process
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:11

When making the decision on joining the Customs Union (CU), we knew that it is a multifactor process; that is to say, there will be positive and negative factors, Prime Minister of Armenia, Tigran Sargsyan, said at today's press-conference. 

Armen Martirosyan: There is no doubt that Yerevan mayor's office will again try to raise transport tariffs
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:10

Deputy chairman of "Heritage" party, Armen Martirosyan, said at today's press-conference that he does not doubt that in February 2014 Yerevan authorities will again try to increase variable fare. 

Armenian PM: Had we refused to sign that deal, Gazprom's price would have grown on an annual basis
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:09

 Had we refused to sign that deal, Gazprom's price would have grown on an annual basis, which was unacceptable for us, Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan told journalists on Friday.

Azerbaijan expresses an official protest against Armenia's admission to the Customs Union
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:08

"Azerbaijan expresses an official protest against Armenia's entrance into the Customs Union as long as this country does not withdraw its armed forces from Azerbaijan's occupied territories and as long as Azerbaijan's territorial integrity is not restored," head of Department of Public and Political Issues of Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Ali Hasanov told Trend on Dec 27.

Preparliament of Armenia advocates setting up an alternative representative body
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:07

 Armenia faces the risk of losing its statehood, the Preparliament says in a statement. 

Tigran Sargsyan: There is a problem of oligopolies in Armenia
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:06

There is a problem of oligopolies in Armenia and it is not easy to fight them, Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said at today's press-conference when summing up the results of the passing year.  

Areximbank-Gazprombank Group grants iPhone 5 to the winner of the campaign conducted jointly with MasterCard
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:05

Areximbank-Gazprombank Group has awarded the winners of the campaign it has conducted jointly with the MasterCard international payment system.
The press service of the bank reports that the awarding ceremony took place on Thursday. 

Social Democrat Hunchakian Party: Corruption and oligarchy are a direct threat to Armenia's security
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:04

 Corruption and oligarchy are a direct threat to Armenia's security, says Social Democrat Hunchakian Party.

Tigran Sargsyan: Armenian ministers are speaking not only about success
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:03

 At today's meeting with reporters, when asked about increasing  the poverty rate that reached 30% in 2013 amid ministers' statements about achievements and success in different areas, Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan  assured that the ministers are speaking not only about success but failures and neglects, but the experience shows the opponents are not ready to hear that.

"Heritage": If the opposition consolidates in 2014, revolution will be unavoidable
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:02

If the opposition consolidates in 2014, revolution will be unavoidable in Armenia, deputy chairman of the "Heritage" party, Armen Martirosyan, made such a prediction at today's press-conference.

He said that regime change from top to down under the support of civil society and political forces is the only way of development of the country. He emphasized that the Armenian society already demand getting rid of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia and the government. 

He also added that the only weapon of the incumbent authorities in 2013 were batons of policemen, but the latter do not want any more to be under their robbing regime. "In case of civil activeness, they will throw their shoulder loops  and join civil activists", - he said. Martirosyan thinks that political forces should put off their ambitions, stop criticizing each other and go against the regime with a single front. "Our party is ready to join the single front and our leader Raffi Hovannisian said about that for many times", - Martirosyan said.

Gallup International Association: bank VTB (Armenia) -the best bank of Armenia 2013 according to the poll
 Friday, December 27 2013 14:01

 Bank VTB (Armenia) has been recognized as the best bank of Armenia in 2013 in a poll carried out by Gallup International Association official representative in Armenia, the bank's press office reported.

Gallup International Association representative in Armenia Aram Navasardyan handed the diploma "Best Bank of Armenia 2013" to the general director and chairman of board of Bank VTB (Armenia) closed joint stock company Yury Gusev Thursday.

The poll was conducted in October 2013 and covered all communities of Yerevan and Armenia's regions. A total of 1,067 respondents participated in the survey.  When asked "services of which bank you use", the  majority of respondents pointed to Bank VTB (Armenia) and highest number of respondents said they will advise the bank to their friends.

It is a great honor for Bank VTB (Armenia) to be the best in a poll by Gallup International Association, Gusev said adding they appreciate Armenian population's confidence. The achievements are  made owing to everyday efforts of the bank's staff, he said.

Director of Gallup International Association office in Armenia Aram Navasardyan said the success should be considered a step toward ongoing improvements of the quality of services to meet the growing population demands. Navasardyan congratulated the management and the staff of the bank on the achievements and wished them to always be on the peak of success.

Bank VTB (Armenia) closed joint stock company became a member of VTB financial group in April 2004. The second biggest Russian bank, Bank VTB ojsc is now the full owner of Bank VTB (Armenia). The bank is among leaders of Armenian banking system in a number of basic indicators. It currently has the biggest network in Armenia - 67 branch offices across the country. 

Counting Board of Armenian Parliament declares invalid the results of voting on "gas agreements" ratification
 Thursday, December 26 2013 13:12

 The Counting Board of the Armenian Parliament has declared invalid the results of voting on ratification of the "gas agreements" by 4 votes "pro". To note, the Counting Board consists of 7 members.       

Asmus Rotne: Today very few people in Armenia are investing in their businesses
 Thursday, December 26 2013 13:10

ProCredit Bank Armenia started up in Armenia in February 2008. The Bank’s activities in the country are based on ProCredit Holding’s strategy and are focused on SME financing. Today ProCredit Bank Armenia has almost 15% of this market and the biggest share of SME loans in its total lending portfolio (90%).

Isabella Muradyan: The Government of Armenia has never concealed that it does not know what will be the developments in aviation area
 Thursday, December 26 2013 07:30


On Friday, 13.12.2013, the press has reported extensively on your care from a meeting with reporters, as your inability or unwillingness to answer the question on the free sky issue. Since the Russian-language press question almost was not discussed, can you explain what about your meeting was and why you did not answer the question about free sky?

Head of RPA Faction: Armenia will join Customs Union despite Karabakh problem and Nazarbayev's statement
 Wednesday, December 25 2013 11:44

 Armenia will join the Customs Union and the Karabakh problem will be no obstacle, Galust Sahakyan, Head of the Parliamentary Faction of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), said at today's press conference.   


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