Sociologist: As of today up to 40% of the Armenian electorate acts in  the logic of the so-called "political swamp"

 Monday, June 14 2021 16:39
Sociologist: As of today up to 40% of the Armenian electorate acts in  the logic of the so-called

ArmInfo. Nikol Pashinyan is the only Armenian politician capable of talking to the crowd, leading the crowd and guiding the crowd. Sociologist Karen Sargsyan expressed  this opinion to ArmInfo.

Victorious second army corps guards state border of Armenia:  Forced  to retreat, but not broken
 Saturday, June 12 2021 14:49

ArmInfo. The victorious second army corps guards the state border of Armenia: forced to retreat, but not broken.

Forecast: The June 20 elections are dangerous and unpredictable,  but society will not support civil war
 Thursday, June 10 2021 11:48

ArmInfo. The hot, unhealthy pre-election situation in Armenia, the lacks of compliance with the elementary rules of the campaign was quite expected and clear from  the very beginning. President of Yerevan Press Club Boris Navasardyan  expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Analyst: The Armenian policy of creating new obstacles for Moscow is  of no interest to either the West or Russia
 Wednesday, June 9 2021 13:51

ArmInfo.There is no other description to the current policy of the Armenian leadership than as an ostrich. Independent analyst Saro Saroyan expressed this opinion  to ArmInfo.

Sergey Kopyrkin: Russian border guards took up posts in the most  sensitive parts of the Armenian- Azerbaijani border
 Tuesday, June 8 2021 13:29

ArmInfo.The time is ripe for the trip to Syunik region, I planned it, since it is a very sensitive region both for Armenia and on a regional scale as a whole. Russian  Ambassador to Armenia Sergey Kopyrkin said this in an interview with  ArmInfo correspondent, referring to his visit to Syunik. At the same  time, he noted that he visited the southern region of the Republic of  Armenia together with the Air Attache of the Embassy, as well as with  the Deputy Head of the Border Guard Department of the RF FSS in  Armenia.

Analyst: The current agendas of Moscow and Ankara largely depend on  Turkey`s Euro-Atlantic tensions 
 Tuesday, June 8 2021 11:28

ArmInfo.As of today Turkey is a rather problematic, but still a partner of Russia, a partner with whom we have disagreements over Karabakh, Georgia, Syria and even  Crimea. A similar opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by Sergey  Markedonov, a leading researcher at the Euro-Atlantic Security Center  of the MGIMO Institute for International Studies, Moscow.

Politician: Armenia has no right to ignore France`s helping hand
 Monday, June 7 2021 11:45

ArmInfo.Today the acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan faces a rather difficult position. He is trying to demonstrate inside and outside Armenia a  situation that does not exist for a long time already. Namely, the  fact that Russia is the guarantor of ensuring the security of  Armenia. The leader of the Constructive Party of Armenia, candidate  for prime minister from the bloc Andrias Ghukasyan  expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

View from Moscow: The West has a desire to get involved in the  settlement of problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan. But there is  no such opportunity
 Friday, June 4 2021 11:49

ArmInfo.The West has a desire to get involved in the settlement of the current problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan. But there is no such opportunity. Alexander  Skakov, expert on Caucasus, Deputy Director of the Institute of  Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, expressed such  an opinion to ArmInfo.

Diplomat: Ara Aivazian demonstrated that any decision must be  accompanied by responsibility
 Thursday, June 3 2021 13:41

ArmInfo.Always and everywhere, the development of a solution to any problem formulated by the political leadership of Armenia should be dealt with by specialists and professionals, former Foreign Minister of the Republic of Artsakh,  Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Arman Melikyan expressed  a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Analyst: Syunik is an extremely important "catch" in the building of  Russian-Turkish relations
 Wednesday, June 2 2021 13:11

ArmInfo.The invasion of the Azerbaijani army into the sovereign territory of Armenia and all the accompanying events, including the immediate appearance of the next  trilateral document, demonstrate a fairly clear policy of Moscow  towards the Syunik region of Armenia.  Independent analyst Saro  Saroyan expressed this opinion to ArmInfo.

Forecast: There are many challenges. But with joint efforts Armenians  will be able to overcome them
 Tuesday, June 1 2021 13:51

ArmInfo.The Turkish program of destruction of the Armenian statehood obviously remains in force. And the latest events in our border regions are a vivid confirmation of  this. The director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, academician Ruben Safrastyan, expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Expert: Syunik is evidence of the need to revise Armenia`s foreign  policy
 Monday, May 31 2021 13:27

ArmInfo.The current crisis around the Syunik region has demonstrated the need to rethink, revise, and diversify Armenia's foreign policy in the field of security and  economy in all directions. An expert of the Armenian Institute of  International and Security Affairs Ruben Mehrabyan expressed a  similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Expert: Tehran`s interest in projects with Armenia is due to  geopolitical shifts
 Thursday, May 27 2021 11:33

ArmInfo.The need to implement a project to create an international transport and logistics corridor linking the Persian Gulf with the Black Sea, the construction of the  North- South highway has been discussed for at least 15 years. And  Tehran's current interest in their implementation has a number of  reasons. The UN National Expert on Energy Issues Ara Marjanyan  expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Political scientist: The goal of Moscow`s real politik is signing by  Yerevan any documents allowing Baku to become a member of the CSTO  and the EAEU
 Wednesday, May 26 2021 14:26

ArmInfo. Russia perfectly realizes and sees how dissatisfaction with "Lavrov's plan" is consistently growing in Armenia. It is here that one should look for the origins  of the reasons for the recent statement by the head of the Russian  Foreign Ministry "about the centuries-old friendship of the two  peoples," "the importance of Armenia for Russia," and so on. Head of  the Analytical Center for Globalization and Regional Cooperation  Stepan Grigoryan expressed this opinion to ArmInfo.

Forecast: High geopolitical tension in the South Caucasus will not  escalate into a large-scale war
 Tuesday, May 25 2021 13:47

ArmInfo.The current situation in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is part of a kind of historical test for the viability of the post-Soviet countries. A  similar opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by Fyodor Lukyanov,  editor-in-chief of the Russia in Global Affairs magazine, Chairman of  the Presidium of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy of the  Russian Federation.

Human rights activist: Society did not agree to arbitrary management style as a result of the "Velvet" revolution
 Monday, May 24 2021 14:48

ArmInfo. The Armenian society did not agree on the style of governing the country, which we see today as the result of the "Velvet" revolution. Human rights activist Artur Sakunts expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Expert: Lack of think tanks is the reason for the actions of the Armenian authorities under dictation from outside
 Monday, May 24 2021 14:46

ArmInfo. The absence of think tanks is one of the reasons prompting the Armenian authorities to be guided in their own steps and policies by dictation from outside. President of Yerevan Press Club Boris Navasardyan expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Forecast: Hiding any agreements from the people will not lead to  anything good. Neither Pashinyan nor the people
 Friday, May 21 2021 12:17

ArmInfo. It is high time for the government and Nikol Pashinyan personally to face the reality and finally begin a sincere dialogue with society. And not to engage in  populism and, claiming that the decisions are made by the people in  the country, in fact, make these decisions alone. A similar opinion  was expressed to ArmInfo by one of the leaders of the  social-democratic party "Citizen's Decision" Garegin Miskaryan.

Iranist: "Zangezur Corridor" is a threat not only to Armenia, but  also to Iran
 Thursday, May 20 2021 14:34

ArmInfo.The prospect of implementation of the so-called "Zangezur corridor" pushed by Baku and Ankara, poses a direct threat not only to the interests and  national security of Armenia, but also to our neighboring Iran. And,  accordingly, it is a direct challenge for both Yerevan and Tehran.  Vardan Voskanyan, Head of the Department of Iranian Studies of the  Faculty of Oriental Studies of YSU, expressed a similar opinion to  ArmInfo.

Politician: Nobody in Armenia is ready to give up control over the  "corridor" today, including Pashinyan
 Wednesday, May 19 2021 14:37

ArmInfo. Nobody in Armenia, including Nikol Pashinyan, is ready to surrender control over the "corridor" that Ilham Aliyev so consistently and fiercely demands.  The Chairman of the Conservative Party of Armenia Mikael Hayrapetyan  expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Diplomat: Moscow is playing a very difficult game to stay in the  South Caucasus
 Tuesday, May 18 2021 13:21

ArmInfo.Today Moscow is playing a very difficult game in order to keep the South Caucasus in the zone of its own influence. Former Artsakh Foreign Minister, Ambassador  Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Arman Melikyan expressed a similar  opinion to ArmInfo.