Analyst: Ankara`s support for Pashinyan is due to fear of disavowing  trilateral statements

 Wednesday, March 3 2021 14:01
Analyst: Ankara`s support for Pashinyan is due to fear of disavowing  trilateral statements

ArmInfo.The current internal political crisis in Armenia can be viewed from two angles. This is an internal political, emotional, personal and, of course, a  geopolitical angle of view of the situation. A similar opinion was  expressed to ArmInfo by Sergei Markedonov, a leading researcher at  the Institute of International Studies of the Moscow State Institute  of International Relations, the editor-in-chief of the journal  "International Analytics".

Parliamentarian: The need to resolve the internal political crisis  dictates everything
 Wednesday, March 3 2021 13:45

ArmInfo.Edmond Marukyan's refusal to be nominated as a candidate for prime minister, and his readiness to sign a corresponding memorandum with the authorities,  are due to the sharp change in the situation in the country. A  similar opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by the deputy of the  "Enlightened Armenia" parliamentary faction Gevork Gorgisyan.

Expert: The promise of "the end of velvet" - again smacks of populism
 Monday, March 1 2021 13:58

ArmInfo.The realization in the classical sense of a coup d'etat in Armenia seems unlikely. President of Yerevan Press Club Boris Navasardyan expressed a similar opinion  to ArmInfo.

Russian political scientist: The statement of the military was a  logical response to Pashinyan`s attempt to evade responsibility for  the defeat
 Friday, February 26 2021 12:12

ArmInfo.The reaction of the Russian Federation to the latest events in Armenia, according to which what is happening is an internal affair of Armenia itself could  not be other by definition. Russian political scientist Andrei  Areshev expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Head of OS: Postponing the war for 20 years, Kocharyan and Sargsyan  only postponed it to 2020
 Wednesday, February 24 2021 11:27

ArmInfo.The speeches of the ex-presidents of Armenia Robert Kocharian and Serzh Sargsyan say one thing, while the facts say something completely different. A similar  opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by the chairman of the Public  Council of Armenia Stepan Safaryan.

Expert: The emergence of Iran in the EAEU in the interests of Armenia
 Wednesday, February 24 2021 11:26

ArmInfo.Taking into account the fact that the statement of the representative of the reformist wing Hassan Rouhani followed the statement of the representative of the  conservatives, the speaker of the Iranian parliament Mohammad Bagher  Galibaf, it seems possible to state that Iran is extremely serious   about the prospect of membership in the EAEU.

Hayk Demoyan: The President of Azerbaijan has no particular  motivation and potential to oppose Moscow`s plans
 Tuesday, February 23 2021 16:26

ArmInfo.The policy pursued today by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev is very far from the independent policy of the president of a sovereign state. Doctor of  Historical Sciences Hayk Demoyan expressed a similar opinion to  ArmInfo.

Academician: Having squeezed from the South Caucasus, Turkey is  trying to squeeze Russia and Iran
 Tuesday, February 23 2021 13:58

ArmInfo.Through ancara generated by Ankara, the geopolitical process with the participation of Georgia and Azerbaijan, this country is trying to create and head  the Alliance in the South Caucasus directed against Armenia and  Russia. Such an opinion was expressed by Arminfo I.O. Scientific  Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies by NA Armenia,  Academician Ruben Safrastian.

Political scientist: It is necessary to understand why Moscow is  further strengthening the Turkic-speaking world
 Monday, February 22 2021 14:28

ArmInfo. Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement that Artsakh belongs to Azerbaijan is  perplexing.  In particular, it is not clear why Moscow itself needs   this and how Artsakh within Azerbaijan corresponds, in fact, to  Russian interests. Political scientist Stepan Grigoryan expressed  this opinion to ArmInfo.

Diplomat: Armenian leaders brought the situation to the present day  by joint efforts
 Friday, February 19 2021 12:43

ArmInfo.The negotiation approach according to which Armenia recognized the need to withdraw its armed forces from part of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan  in order to ensure the status of another part within the borders of  the NKAO outside Azerbaijan initially led to a dead end.

Political scientist: Robert Kocharian and Serzh Sargsyan use their  last bullets
 Friday, February 19 2021 12:13

ArmInfo.Robert Kocharian and Serzh Sargsyan are using their last bullets, trying to warm up the ardor of their supporters that is fading day by day. Political  scientist Levon Shirinyan expressed this opinion to ArmInfo.

Politician: Armenia`s political field resembles a closed chain
 Thursday, February 18 2021 15:10

ArmInfo. The political field  of Armenia resembles a closed chain. Leader of the "Enlightened  Armenia" party Edmon Marukyan expressed such an opinion to ArmInfo.

Military expert: Russia is ready to help Armenia to strengthen  borders with Azerbaijan
 Thursday, February 18 2021 15:05

ArmInfo.  The situation on the  Armenian-Azerbaijani border in the Syunik region must be brought  under control. First of all, through and within the framework of the  OSCE Minsk Group. A similar opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by the  head of the Caucasus Department of the Institute of CIS Countries, a  military expert Vladimir Evseev.

Diplomat: Armenia is going through a severe political crisis
 Wednesday, February 17 2021 15:21

ArmInfo.  At this stage,  Armenia is experiencing the most severe political crisis throughout  its modern history. A similar opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by  ex-Artsakh Foreign Minister, Ambassador Extraordinary and  Plenipotentiary Arman Melikyan.

Forecast: Yerevan`s lack of aspiration "for more" will end with  Europe simply giving up on Armenia
 Wednesday, February 17 2021 14:57

ArmInfo. Continuing allied  relations after the 44-day war, Moscow and Yerevan, no doubt, remain  in their relations with the European Union on opposite positions.  An  expert of the Armenian Institute of International Relations and  Security Ruben Mehrabyan expressed this opinion to ArmInfo.

Forecast: There will be no new war, but long-lasting negotiations
 Tuesday, February 16 2021 16:25

ArmInfo.I do not see any prospects for the aggravation of the military phase of the conflict around Nagorno-Karabakh. A similar opinion was expressed to ArmInfo  by a member of the expert council of the Carnegie Moscow Center,  Chief Researcher at  Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute  Alexey Malashenko.

Orientalist: Armenia should be wary of the aggressive expansionist  policy of the Turkish leadership
 Monday, February 15 2021 12:56

ArmInfo.  After the defeat of the Armenian side in Artsakh, Turkey will try to increase pressure on Armenia in order to achieve the desired concessions. This opinion  was expressed in an interview with ArmInfo by a Turkologist, Doctor  of Historical Sciences, Academician, Director of the Institute of  Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic  of Armenia Ruben Safrastyan.

Amiran Khevtsuriani: Abkhazian railway will make Georgia dependent on  Russia
 Monday, February 15 2021 12:24

ArmInfo.  Professor of the  Georgian Technical University, doctor of international relations,  conflictologist Amiran Khevtsuriani, in an interview with ArmInfo,  comments on the prospects of unblocking the Abkhazian section of the  railway linking Russia, Georgia and Armenia from the point of view of  Tbilisi.

Alexander Iskandaryan: The situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, as before,  will hang in the air
 Thursday, February 11 2021 17:08

ArmInfo.The post-war situation in Nagorno-Karabakh can be described as anomy, when the old order is dying and the new one has not yet formed.

Opinion: Armenia should agree with Georgia on the opening of the  Abkhazian section of the railway
 Thursday, February 11 2021 12:46

ArmInfo.Armenia must find a way to come to an agreement with Georgia on the issue of opening the Abkhazian section of the railway. This is the opinion of Vardan  Voskanyan, head of the Iranian Studies Department of the Faculty of  Oriental Studies of Yerevan State University.

Specialist: Construction of a railway through the Meghri corridor  will lead Armenia to a state of complete transport isolation
 Wednesday, February 10 2021 16:06

ArmInfo. In the next 2 years, the volume of traffic by railroad communication Armenia - Russia will significantly decrease, and vice versa, the volume of  traffic by road will increase. Director of the large Armenian  transport and logistics company Apaven Gagik Aghajanyan said this in  an interview with ArmInfo correspondent, commenting on the appeal of  Abkhaz parliamentarians to their Russian colleagues regarding the  possible unblocking of the Abkhazian section of the railway and  establishing direct communication between Russia and Armenia through  the territory of Abkhazia.