Orange participates in Mobile App Expo 2014 and supports young developers of mobile applications
 Saturday, May 31 2014 08:10

During the Mobile App Expo 2014, launched today, Orange has presented its "My Orange" application, which being launched in November 2013, was the first one in the Armenian telecommunication industry, the press service of Orange Armenia has told ArmInfo.  Orange has as well announced a call for pitches from young developers to explore further partnership opportunities. 

ARFD member: Politics is not a Club of Cheerful and Sharp-Witted to demand prompt responses to statements
 Saturday, May 31 2014 08:09

 Azerbaijan will put difficulties in the way of Armenia's accession to the Eurasian Economic Union because it is outside these processes, Head of ARF Dashnaktsutyun Faction Armen Rustamyan told journalists on Friday when commenting on Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev's statement on the need to establish a customs point on the Armenian- Artsakh border. 

VTB Bank (Armenia) joins Tandem Transfers
 Saturday, May 31 2014 08:08

VTB Bank (Armenia) has joined Tandem Transfers, the first national money transfer system. 
>From now on the bank's customers will be able to receive and send money in Armenia and worldwide in AMD, USD, EUR and RUR with no need to open an account.
The press service of ArmInfo reports that for transfers inside Armenia the system will charge jus 0.8%, for transfers abroad 1.3%.

Armenian Government gives high priority to increasing innovative IT solutions in various sectors of economy
 Saturday, May 31 2014 08:07

 The Armenian Government gives high priority to increasing the IT product output in the local market, growth in services consumption, and increasing the innovative IT solutions in various sectors of economy, Armenian Deputy Minister of Economy Garegin Melkonyan said at today's press conference timed to the 7th annual DigiTec Business forum. In this context, he stressed the significance of the DigiTec forum, which contributes to consolidation of the technological field and strengthening of the business ties. Melkonyan also called on the local entrepreneurs to take an active part in the forum.  

VimpelCom has invested over $350 million in Armenia, Bobby Leach says
 Saturday, May 31 2014 08:07

 Over the past 8 years (from 2006 through Q1 2014), VimpelCom invested over $350 million in Armenia, Mr. Bobby Leach, Director for Group Communications at Vimpelcom, has told ArmInfo. Mr. Leach says that VimpelCom will keep on investing in the market but he does not specify the amount. 

ArArAt Visitors' Center of Yerevan Brandy Company extends its opening hours for tourists
 Saturday, May 31 2014 08:05

The ArArAt Visitors' Center of Yerevan Brandy Company has extended its opening hours for tourist visits. 

Vice Speaker of Armenian Parliament: Armenia will take no steps that may damage Nagorno-Karabakh's political and economic interests
 Friday, May 30 2014 20:01

 Armenia's accession to the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Union has nothing to do with the problems of borders, Vice Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Eduard Sharmazanov told ArmInfo, when asked to comment on the last statement by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev that Armenia must join the Eurasian Economic Union within the borders it had when joining the WTO.

Head of Heritage Party Faction: Serzh Sargsyan was to respond to Nazarbayev's statement in Astana
 Friday, May 30 2014 13:42

Armenia must not allow Artsakh's interests to be ignored by the Eurasian Economic Union, Ruben Hakobyan, Head of the Heritage Party Faction, told reporters, Friday. 

ArmenTel and Rostelecom agree to cooperate after regulator interferes into their dispute
 Friday, May 30 2014 13:38

 ArmenTel and Rostelecom telecommunication companies in Armenia have agreed to cooperate after the regulator interfered into their dispute.

NKR Defence Ministry: Incidents and data hiding is a working style of the Azerbaijani party
 Friday, May 30 2014 13:36

The incidents and strict data hiding is a working style of the Azerbaijani party, which has been trying to avoid the anger of the community in such a way, the statement of the NKR Defence Ministry says. On 20 May, several mass media of Azerbaijan reported that the Armenian party allegedly hides the number of losses in its Armed Forces. "We have been always upholding a principle of transparency and informing about the incidents in the army. The incidents and data hiding is a working style of the Azerbaijani party", - the statement says. 

Shen Holding expands its product range with inexpensive paints
 Friday, May 30 2014 13:34

 Shen Holding, a major manufacturer of construction materials in Armenia, has expanded its product range with inexpensive water-dispersible paints (W1 series) and latex paints (L1 series), Edgar Arakelyan, Head of Marketing at Shen Holding, has told ArmInfo. He says that all the paints manufactured by the company, both expensive and affordable, are similarly high-quality and eco- friendly paints and that their key difference is the coverage rate.       

RPA Vice Chairman: Eurasian Union needs Armenia as much as Armenia needs the given project
 Friday, May 30 2014 13:33

 No politician or statesman in Armenia will agree with such an absurd idea of opening a customs point between Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh Republic, Armen Ashotyan, Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Armenia, Minister of Education and Science, told reporters when asked about the fate of Artsakh if Armenia accesses the Eurasian Economic Union (EAU).

Head of Agrarian-Peasant Union of Armenia blames banking system for ruining villagers
 Friday, May 30 2014 13:30

 The banking system of Armenia has led the Armenian villagers to ruin, Head of the Agrarian-Peasant Union of Armenia Hrachya Berberyan said at a press conference in Yerevan. 

The Budagyans' lawyer: Those, who are blamed for Avetik Budaghyan's death, and those, who promised to get them off, will fail
 Friday, May 30 2014 10:14

 Those, who are blamed for Avetik Budaghyan's death, and those, who promised to get them off, will fail, as we are not going to be satisfied with the results of a performance  demonstrated to all of us as an investigation, Artak Budaghyan's lawyer, Hayk Alumyan, told Arminfo correspondent. 

Giro Manoyan: Nazarbayev's statement was an attempt to please Azerhaijan
 Friday, May 30 2014 09:59

 President Nazarbayev's statement that Armenia should be admitted into the Eurasian Economic Union within the border recognized by the UN is beneath any criticism, Giro Manoyan the head of the ARFD's Hay Dat Office in Yerevan said in an interview to ArmInfo.

Stepanakert agrees with Kazakh President claiming that Armenia must integrate into EAU with its present borders
 Friday, May 30 2014 09:59

 "I strongly agree with the statement by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazabayev saying that Armenia must join the Eurasian Economic Union (EAU) within the borders it joined WTO," Spokesperson of NKR Foreign Ministry David Babayan told ArmInfo.  According to Babayan, Armenia is a sovereign state participating in political and economic projects and it must integrate into projects within its borders. He does not understand why should Nazarbayev's statement arouse such hot debates in the Armenian public.

FAAE: Artsakh must make a statement on joining Armenia
 Friday, May 30 2014 09:57

Forum of Armenian Associations of Europe (FAAE) urges the authorities of Artsakh to come out with an initiative of joining Armenia, FAAE says in a statement.

Bronze monument to Anastas Mikoyan disappears from molding plant
 Friday, May 30 2014 09:35

 Bronze monument to Anastas Mikoyan has disappeared from a molding plant in Yerevan, a local Haykakan Zhamanak Daily writes. 

Earthquake hit Armenian-Azerbaijani border
 Friday, May 30 2014 08:39

A magnitude 2.5 earthquake hit the Armenian-Azerbaijani border at 7:15am on 30 May, the Emergency Situations Ministry told ArmInfo. The epicenter was 29km from the town of Vardenis, Armenia. The shakes measured 3 points in the epicenter (focal dept 10 km). 

Pre-Parliament: Police launch criminal prosecution against activist
 Friday, May 30 2014 08:38

Police have launched criminal prosecution against activist Gevorg Safaryan, who campaigned against renaming Mashtots Park into Misak Manushyan Park, the Pre- Parliament public interest group told ArmInfo.


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