Tuesday, April 28 2020 19:34
Karine Melikyan

Ameriabank announces public offering of dram and dollar bonds since  April 28

Ameriabank announces public offering of dram and dollar bonds since  April 28

ArmInfo.Ameriabank announced the public offering of two issues of registered, coupon and non-documentary bonds with emission volumes of 5 billion drams and $  10 million from April 28, ArmInfo was informed in the press service  of the bank, noting that it was planned to complete the placement of  these issues on July 3.

According to the source, in the framework of the dram issue 50  thousand bonds with a nominal value of 100 thousand drams were  issued, and a dollar one - 100 thousand bonds with a nominal value of  $ 100. Profitability by AMD bonds have a coupon of 9.5% and dollar  coupons - 5%. The circulation period in both cases is 27 months, and  the frequency of coupon payments is once a quarter.

Those wishing to purchase bonds of these issues need to, after  filling out the application-order and sending it to the underwriter,  make payments to the accounts opened in Ameriabank: for dram bonds -  1570043120372900, and for dollar bonds - 1570043100494501.

Ameriabank website has tables with daily prices during the placement  period - see links: for dram bonds -, and for dollars -

The report also notes that the issue prospectus for these issues was  registered with the Central Bank on March 16, 2020.  According to  AMX, the stock exchange as of April 28 this year 13 bond issues of  Ameriabank are quoted - 10 dollar and 3 dram.  The total volume of  issue of dollar issues is $ 85.710 million, and AMD - 8 billion  drams. The repayment of dollar tranches will take place in 2020-2023:  in June and December 2020 - two tranches; in May, September and  November 2021 - four tranches; in February June and October 2022,  three tranches; and in May 2023, one tranche. And dram tranches will  be repaid in September 2021 (one) and February 2022 (two).

According to the Financial Rating of the Banks of Armenia as of  December 31, 2019 prepared by ArmInfo IC, Ameriabank is the leader in  the amount of funds raised from corporate bonds placement - 54.6  billion drams or $ 113.8 million. In a three-year context, the bank  increased this indicator 3 times. Ameriabank accounts for about 30%  of the total volume of this indicator in the banking sector.  Ameriabank is also very active in the corporate bond market of  Armenia, having started issuing its securities since March 2016, and  in the same year initiated the first issue in the international  market - in June, through its investment manager, responsAbility  Investments AG, successfully placed $ 20 million debt securities in 4  Luxembourg investment funds. Ameriabank has been repeatedly  recognized as "The best custodian operator of the depositary account  in the international securities market." Recall that Ameriabank,  operating on the Armenian market since October 31, 1996, is a  universal bank providing investment, corporate and retail banking  services in the form of a comprehensive package of banking solutions.  On January 1, 2020, the shareholders of the bank are Ameria Group CY  Ltd. - 56.47%, EBRD - 17.76%, Asian Development Bank - 13.94%, ESPS  Holding Limited - 11.83%.

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