Wednesday, May 20 2020, 16:39


Owners and employees of restaurants held a protest in front of  tgovernment
 Wednesday, May 20 2020, 16:24

ArmInfo.The owners and employees of restaurant complexes, wedding salons, singers, musicians, host hosts held a protest in front of the government building.

 Wednesday, May 20 2020, 13:18


 Wednesday, May 20 2020, 12:02


Armen Sargsyan called on citizens to use means of protection against  coronavirus
 Tuesday, May 19 2020, 20:47

ArmInfo. Armenian President Armen Sargsyan on his official page on the social network Facebook touched the epidemic of coronavirus in the country.

The Parliament of Armenia in the second reading adopted a bill to  reduce the fine for the absence of masks from citizens in public  places
 Tuesday, May 19 2020, 20:44

ArmInfo. The Parliament of Armenia in  the second and final reading adopted a draft law on introducing  additions and amendments to the Code "On Administrative Offenses".

Trial in case of second president of Armenia postponed on May 26 
 Tuesday, May 19 2020, 14:02

ArmInfo.The trial in the case of the second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan has been postponed.  During the meeting, judge Anna Danibekyan stated that a message was received from the Izmirlyan medical center that Kocharyan was in-patient treatment and could not take part in the meeting. Given the fact that in the absence of the defendant the meeting could not  be held, it was adjourned. The next meeting will be held on May 26 at  1:00 pm.

Government proposes to reduce fines for the absence of masks in  public places
 Tuesday, May 19 2020, 13:16

ArmInfo. "We propose reducing the size of fines for the absence of masks outdoors," Deputy Minister of Justice of Armenia Vahe Danielyan said on May 19, presenting at a special meeting of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia a bill introducing amendments and addenda to the Code on Administrative Offenses.

Deputy Minister of Justice. In the absence of gloves, RA citizens  will not be fined
 Tuesday, May 19 2020, 13:08

ArmInfo. Of course, you should notify the public about our decisions.  Deputy Minister of Justice Vahe Danielyan said this on May 19 from the rostrum of the parliament.

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