Wednesday, May 27 2020, 20:45


 Wednesday, May 27 2020, 18:40


Nikol Pashinyan: Our government intends to eradicate corruption in  Armenia
 Wednesday, May 27 2020, 18:27

ArmInfo.The current government of  Armenia has repeatedly stated that every person who has violated the  law will be held responsible. This was announced on May 27 from the  rostrum by the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.

 Wednesday, May 27 2020, 16:40


Vahagn Hovakimyan: We propose to give parliament the opportunity to  cancel the decision on holding a referendum under emergency  conditions
 Wednesday, May 27 2020, 13:49

ArmInfo.In cases of emergency or martial law in the country, according to the Constitution, a referendum must take place after the emergency or war is eliminated  no earlier than 50 days and no later than 65 days. Vahagn Hovakimyan,  a lawmaker from the My Step faction, stated this during the  presentation of the draft law "On Amending the Constitutional Law on  Referendum".

Parliamentarians considered it necessary to carry structural and  fundamental reforms in RA Police
 Wednesday, May 27 2020, 13:48

ArmInfo.Reforms in the police system have been included in our campaign. On May 27 from the rostrum of the parliament during discussion of amendments to the laws "On Police" and "On Police Service", MP from the "My Step" bloc Armen  Pambukhchyan stated.

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