Armenian President signs Lanzarote Convention

 Saturday, May 30 2020 12:58
Armenian President signs Lanzarote Convention

ArmInfo.Armenian President Armen Sarkissian signed the Lanzarote Convention, previously ratified by the RA National Assembly. This was reported by the press service of the President of Armenia.

In Armenia, 185 families, refugees from Azerbaijan, will receive  housing certificates
 Wednesday, May 27 2020 12:38

ArmInfo. In Armenia, 185 families, which at one time became refugees from Azerbaijan, will receive housing certificates. The decision on this was made at a  meeting of the RA government on May 27.

Defense Ministry confirms: As a result of fire opened by the enemy at  Armenian positions, the car of the Armenian Armed Forces burned down
 Wednesday, May 27 2020 12:02

ArmInfo. The Ministry of Defense made explanations about the incident with the car of the Armed Forces of Armenia, which was burned up as a result of the violation of the  ceasefire by the enemy in the Nakhijevan direction.

Prime Minister: Due to the spread of coronavirus in Armenia, a rather  difficult situation has developed
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 22:09

ArmInfo. In Armenia, due to the spread of coronavirus, it has developed rather severe situation. This was announced on May 26 at a briefing by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.

Armenian government will continue to adhere to a decentralized model  in the fight against COVID-19
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 21:46

ArmInfo. Armenian government will continue to adhere to a decentralized model in the fight against coronavirus infection. This was announced on May 26 at a briefing in Yerevan by Deputy Prime Minister, commandant of the state of  emergency Tigran Avinyan.

Babajanyan: Judges mired in corruption and criminal will not go  unpunished
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 18:49

ArmInfo. Judges mired in corruption and crime will not go unpunished. This was announced on May 26 from the parliamentary rostrum by MP Arman Babajanyan.

Forecast: The possibility of recognition by the Venice Commission of  the way Armenia proposed to resolve the constitutional crisis as not  legal is ruled out.
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 18:41

ArmInfo. The model of the Constitutional Court fixed by the Constitution of Armenia provides for a 12-year term of office of 9 judges of the Constitutional Court, and the term of office of its chairman elected by the judges of the  Constitutional Court is 6 years. A similar opinion was expressed by  ArmInfo, Tagui Dzhulakyan, member of the Permanent Parliamentary  Commission on State and Legal Affairs from the My Step Bloc.

The MP urged to deal with the mafia branch in Syunik
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 18:38

ArmInfo. The deputy from the My Step faction Viktor Yengibaryan urged to deal with the mafia branch in the Syunik region of Armenia, where, recall, the fact of  kidnapping and beating of a person was revealed.

Analyst: Criticism of power has reason. The whole question is who  criticizes it
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 13:59

ArmInfo. As a rule, criticism of certain political figures, various actions of the authorities always has a basis and connection with objective reality. The whole question is in the critics' personalities. Independent analyst Saro Saroyan  expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

Head of the faction: Double standards are applied in the Armenian  parliament
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 12:19

ArmInfo.The parliament of Armenia applies double standards. The leader of the Bright Armenia opposition faction Edmon Marukyan announced this on May 26 from the rostrum of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.

Lawmakers of the ruling bloc failed the Prosperous Armenia`s  legislative initiative on responsibility for slander 
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 11:20

ArmInfo.Lawmakers of the ruling "My Step" bloc in Armenia failed the legislative initiative of the Prosperous Armenia faction MP Gevorg Petrosyan to include the issue of responsibility for libel in the agenda of the National Assembly of  the Republic of Armenia.

Lawmakers will be expelled from the NA chamber for the absence of  masks by the decision of the speaker
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 10:34

ArmInfo. For the absence of masks, the lawmakers of the Armenian parliament will be expelled from the sitting room of the RA National Assembly by the decision of the speaker. On May 26, NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan stated this at a  plenary session of the Armenian parliament.

Seyran Ohanyan`s lawyer tested positive for coronavirus
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 10:32

ArmInfo. The lawyer of the former Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia Seyran Ohanyan - Inessa Petrosyan was tested positive for coronavirus. This information is confirmed by her husband Karen Mezhlumyan, who is also  a lawyer in the Ohanyan case.

Vanetsyan refused to comment on his meeting with Mikael Minasyan in  Rome on Nikol Pashinyan`s instruction
 Tuesday, May 26 2020 10:13

ArmInfo.Former Director of the National Security Service of Armenia Artur Vanetsyan refused to comment on the question of whether he met in Rome with Mikael Minasyan on Nikol Pashinyan's instruction.

Armenian Prime Minister emphasized importance of expanding economic  component in foreign policy 
 Monday, May 25 2020 20:32

ArmInfo. Armenia's Foreign Minister, Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, reported to the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan on the activities of the Ministry headed by  him.

Ex-head of the NSS is in the SIS
 Monday, May 25 2020 20:06

ArmInfo. Former Director of the National Security Service (NSS) Arthur Vanetsyan is in the Special Investigation Service (CCC) of Armenia.

Armenia intends to switch to proportional system in elections in  local government
 Monday, May 25 2020 19:28

ArmInfo.Armenia intends to make the transition to a proportional electoral system in elections to local authorities. On May 25, the corresponding bill was  introduced by the Minister of Territorial Administration and  Infrastructures Suren Papikyan during the sitting of the RA NA  Standing Committee on Territorial Administration, Local Government,  Agriculture and Nature Protection.

Armenian President and Prosperous Armenia Representatives Discussed  Coronavirus Situation in the Country and Lanzarote Convention
 Monday, May 25 2020 19:27

ArmInfo.Armenian President Armen Sargsyan continues to meet with representatives of parliamentary and extra-parliamentary forces and public  organizations, as well as with specialists from various fields to  discuss the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic and its  consequences.

Armenian Court of Cassation acquitted 9 convicts in March 1 case
 Monday, May 25 2020 16:52

ArmInfo. On May 25, the RA Cassation Court fully satisfied the complaints of the RA Prosecutor General regarding the convictions of 9 persons in criminal cases on the  events of March 1, 2008, Advisor to the Prosecutor General Gor  Abrahamyan said on his Facebook page.

Manvel Grigoryan`s lawyers filed an administrative lawsuit against RA  Ministry of Healthcare 
 Monday, May 25 2020 16:25

ArmInfo.The lawyers of former MP Manvel Grigoryan filed an administrative lawsuit against the Armenian Ministry of Healthcare with the demand to convene a council to  discuss the further examination and treatment of their client in one  of medical centers in France. At the same time, the defense side  claims that the available medical documents are sufficient to justify  the need for Grigoryan's treatment abroad.

Former Armenia`s FM Edward Nalbandyan will take part in meeting of  Committee  investigating April war
 Monday, May 25 2020 15:04

ArmInfo. In the near future, a regular meeting of the parliamentary Inquiry Committee for Examining the Circumstances of the Military Activities of April 2016 will be  held, the guest of which will be ex-former Minister of Foreign  Affairs of Armenia Edward Nalbandyan will take part in it. head of  the Committee, MP from the <My Step> bloc Andranik Kocharyan  announced this.


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