Armenia`s government intends to solve forcibly displaced people`s  housing problem - minister

 Monday, October 2 2023 10:09
Armenia`s government intends to solve forcibly displaced people`s  housing problem - minister

ArmInfo.Most of the forcibly displaced people from Nagorno- Karabakh arrived in Syunik and Vaiots  Dzor, Armenia's Minister of Territorial Administration Gnel Sanosyan told Armenia's Public TV. 

Person giving up his own freedom to save his own life is only too  ready to sell others` freedom and dignity - Andrias Ghukasyan
 Monday, September 25 2023 09:52

ArmInfo.A free man speaks clearly. A slave avloids naming his masters and calling a spade a  spade, political expert Andrias Ghukasyan wrote on his Facebook account as he commented on Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan's statement on September 24. 

Chief of Armenia`s Police, Minister of Interior banned peaceful  meetings in Armenia - MP
 Monday, September 25 2023 09:51

ArmInfo.Chief of Armenia's Police and Minister of the Interior have banned peaceful  meetings in Armenia, Tigran Abrahamyan, wrote on his Facebook  account. 

Protesters demand Armenian premier`s resignation
 Monday, September 25 2023 09:48

ArmInfo. Protests demanding Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan's resignations have been  resumed in Yerevan and in other Armenian settlement. 

Developments in Nagorno-Karabakh give rise to serious questions about  goals and motives of Russian peacekeepers` presence - Nikol Pashinyan 
 Sunday, September 24 2023 13:25

ArmInfo. On September 24, Armenia's Premier Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan addressed a message  about Independence: 

Nikol Pashinyan is Russia`s principal weapon in Armenia, others are  nothing but playthings - expert 
 Friday, September 22 2023 20:05

ArmInfo. Russia's principal weapon in Armenia is the incumbent premier, Nikol Pashinyan. All the others are nothing but playthings, expert in Azerbaijani studies Tatevik Hayrapetyan believes. 

It is time for action, rather than being silent and indifferent -  Armenia`s president 
 Friday, September 22 2023 15:59

ArmInfo.Armenia's President Vahagn Khachaturyan posted the following message on his  Twitter account: 

No alternative to Nikol Pashinyan`s resignation - Mane Tandilyan
 Friday, September 22 2023 14:05

ArmInfo.At a meeting of the UN Security Council, a number of countries once again  demonstrated a pro-Armenian position, but, as always, this position remained at the level of statements. The chairman of the Country for Life party, Mane Tandilyan, wrote about this on her Facebook page.

Armenia to open humanitarian station in Kornidzor, Syunik province 
 Friday, September 22 2023 13:31

ArmInfo.Armenia will open a humanitarian station in Kornidzor, Syunik province, to cope with the  crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh. 

Defender`s Office calls on law enforcement officers to act within law  when detaining participants in civil disobedience 
 Friday, September 22 2023 12:23

ArmInfo.From early morning, the Rapid Response Teams of the Office of the Human Rights  Defender of Armenia head to the capital's police departments, where the detained participants of the disobedience action were detained.

Nikol Pashinyan clarified Yerevan`s position regarding possible  displacement of residents of Nagorno- Karabakh to Armenia
 Friday, September 22 2023 11:51

ArmInfo.Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan clarified Yerevan's position regarding the possible  displacement of residents of Nagorno-Karabakh to the Republic of Armenia.

There is "real chance" for people of Nagorno-Karabakh, Pashinyan  announces
 Friday, September 22 2023 11:17

ArmInfo. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced that there is a "real chance" for the residents  of Nagorno-Karabakh to return to their homes.

Lawyer: Andranik Tevanyan was brought to Investigative Committee  within administrative proceedings
 Friday, September 22 2023 10:25

ArmInfo.The location of the leader of the Mother Armenia party and member of the National  Committee for Coordination of the Protest Movement Andranik Tevanyan, who was detaineded from Saryan Street in the center of the Armenian capital on September 22, has become known.

Pashinyan threatens demonstrators with law and  "steel mandate"
 Thursday, September 21 2023 20:11

ArmInfo.What does it mean that groups of students and athletes are trying to organize mass  unrest in Yerevan?, asked Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan with genuine surprise on the evening of September 21 during a Facebook live broadcast.

If peacekeepers could agree on ceasefire, why couldn`t they agree  that there would be no attack on Nagorno-Karabakh? - Prime Minister 
 Thursday, September 21 2023 20:09

ArmInfo.There is a lot of talk in the Russian media that Yerevan has been trying to shift  responsibility for its failures onto Moscow for a long time, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on the evening of September 21 during a Facebook live broadcast.

Pashinyan chairs extraordinary meeting of Security Council; situation  in Nagorno-Karabakh discussed
 Thursday, September 21 2023 19:53

ArmInfo.Chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, an extraordinary meeting of the Security  Council was held today.

Ahead of UNSC discussions, Pashinyan declares that there is no direct  threat to population of NK and that evacuation should not be `Plan  A`, nor even `Plan B`
 Thursday, September 21 2023 19:52

ArmInfo. Today in Yevlakh there was a meeting between representatives of Stepanakert and  representatives of Baku. An agreement was reached to hold regular meetings. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan announced on the evening of September 21 during a Facebook live broadcast.

Pashinyan believes that at moment there is no direct threat to NK  civilian population 
 Thursday, September 21 2023 19:51

ArmInfo.There are false reports that Yerevan has banned or closed the entry of the residents  of Nagorno Karabakh who want to cross to Armenia. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said on the evening of September 21 during a Facebook live broadcast, speaking about the humanitarian situation in  Nagorno-Karabakh.

Ceasefire in NK does not mean that Baku will no longer try to drag  Armenia into  war - Pashinyan
 Thursday, September 21 2023 19:50

ArmInfo.Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan insists that one of the goals of Azerbaijan's aggression  against Nagorno-Karabakh was to involve Armenia in the war. He announced on the evening of September 21 during a Facebook live broadcast.

Handover of Artsakh to Baku regime poses serious risks to Russia`s  domestic stability - expert 
 Thursday, September 21 2023 11:20

ArmInfo.Moscow must realize that handing Artsakh over to the Baku regime poses serious  risks to the geo-strategy and domestic stability of Russia itself,  Vahe Davtyan, Doctor of Political Science and Director of the  Institute for Energy Security NGO, states in an article. 

Strength and endurance to the Armenian people - Robert Kocharyan
 Thursday, September 21 2023 11:09

ArmInfo.The first president of Nagorno-Karabakh and second president of Armenia posted the  following message on his Telegram channel: