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Ani Mshetsyan

Andranik Kocharyan: Armenian Armed Forces fully control the situation  on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border

Andranik Kocharyan: Armenian Armed Forces fully control the situation  on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border

ArmInfo. After the April war of 2016, changes took place in the Armed Forces system, which in turn contributed to an increase in the combat readiness of the army.

This was stated in an interview with reporters by  Chairman of the  Standing Committee on Defense and Security of the National Assembly,  MP from the "My Step" bloc Andranik Kocharyan.  Kocharyan emphasized  that the armed forces of Armenia fully control the situation on the  Armenian- Azerbaijani border. The MP noted that the downed drones of  the enemy, including the Hermes 900, also testify to the successes of  the Armenian army.

<All this certainly testifies to our successes. Armenian society  should not worry>, the MPemphasized.  The Chairman of the Standing  Committee on Defense and Security  stressed that a relative decrease  in tension occurred at the border. According to the MP, this is due  to the fact that Azerbaijan has realized the inefficiency of its  actions. <This incident at the border has moved into the information  field. Our army needs support, both in the international arena and in  the information field. Any intrigue should be excluded so that  representatives of the Armenian army can concentrate on combat  missions>, Kocharyan emphasized.

The MP added that the positional successes achieved by the armed  forces of Armenia should be recorded.

Kocharyan also said that there can be no military solution to the  Karabakh conflict and opportunities should be found for continuing  negotiations.

<I want to recall the statement of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan:  "The decision should be acceptable to the peoples of Armenia,  Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan," the MP concluded. 

To note, on July 12, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, for reasons  unknown to the Armenian side, attempted to violate the state border  of the Republic of Armenia in the Tavush direction by <UAZ> car.  After the Armenian side warned them, the enemy troops left the "UAZ"  car, returned to their positions.  An hour later, the Azerbaijani  Armed Forces, using artillery fire, tried to capture the Armenian  stronghold, but were thrown back by the fire, incurring loss of  manpower.  There are no losses from the Armenian side.  . In  response, Azerbaijani troops were thrown back from their positions,  having suffered casualties. 

To date, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces have lost 11 people, the number  of injured is not reported. Enemy equipment was destroyed, more than  a dozen drones were shot down, the combat positions of the  Azerbaijani armed forces were taken. 

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