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Doctors from Italy work in Armenia`s hospitals

Doctors from Italy work in Armenia`s hospitals

ArmInfo.As part of a humanitarian mission from Italy, 11 medical workers arrived in Armenia. Doctors arrived in Armenia within the framework of cooperation between the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia and have been working in hospitals in Armenia for more  than a week, where patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19 are being  treated.

A group of medical workers conducts training courses on the treatment  of coronavirus infection, the use of antibiotics and other issues.  Under the supervision of the group are patients in critical  condition.

A team of professionals who arrived in Armenia is included in the  classification of the WHO initiative "Emergency Medical Personnel".

"This initiative aims to create a global network of specialists that  provides medical assistance in case of emergency," said Yegor  Zaitsev, head of the WHO office in Armenia.

It is assumed that the medical personnel will be in Armenia for three  weeks, after which they will continue to support the medical  personnel of Armenia in consultations and trainings. Italian doctors  were followed by their German and Polish colleagues, who expressed  their willingness to help Armenia in response to a global call for  help from WHO. 

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