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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Tonoyan: All the enemy`s actions are stopped by sniper fire from the  Armenian side

Tonoyan: All the enemy`s actions are stopped by sniper fire from the  Armenian side

ArmInfo.It is very important to note that the position that the servicemen of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces tried to capture in an UAZ vehicle is located in the  Republic of Armenia, directly on the Armenian-Azerbaijani state  border. Armenian Minister of Defense David Tonoyan stated this on  July 13 during an extraordinary meeting of the Government of the  Republic of Armenia, referring to the clashes on the  Armenian-Azerbaijani state border provoked by the enemy on the eve.

He added that the situation that had developed the day before on the  front line was unexpected for the Armenian military, and after the  enemy left the car and began to approach Armenian positions (maybe  they got lost or did not orient themselves on the ground), having  reported to the superior and received instructions, called on  Azerbaijani troops to leave the territory, which was done by them.   "Azerbaijani troops returned to their positions, after which the  shelling of the same Armenian position of 82 mm mortars and the  movement of the corresponding enemy units in this direction began,  which was suppressed by return fire and the corresponding actions of  the RA Armed Forces. The enemy, bearing losses, retreated. According  to this the enemy, according to the same scenario, using artillery of  various calibers periodically, every 15-25 minutes, resumes shelling  of the Armenian positions. The enemy ceased firing from 03:30 to  05:30 in the morning, and then continued to fire again, said Tonoyan.   At the same time, he added that all actions of the enemy are  suppressed by retaliatory sniper fire from the Armenian side, and the  enemy has serious losses.  At the same time, the head of the Armenian  defense department added that the Armenian military continues to  control the sections of the border entrusted to them, the operational  situation is under control and is completely controlled.  To which,  the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said: "It turns out  that maybe the Azerbaijani soldiers got lost, and then it is not  clear why, after warning our military, they left the car and  retreated. It is possible that these actions were related to the fact  that they wanted to return the car, therefore, they resorted to such  steps, "Pashinyan asked Tonoyan.  To which, the Armenian minister  stated that if this were so, the Azerbaijani side would somehow get  in touch and an agreement would be reached not to open fire, and the  car would be returned.  "The shelling started immediately," Tonoyan  emphasized.  Based on this, Pashinyan also informed the Cabinet of  Ministers that since yesterday night, the Armenian side informed the  international partners about what is happening and constant contact  is maintained.  It should be noted that the day before, at around  12:30, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, for reasons unknown to the  Armenian side, attempted to violate the state border of the Republic  of Armenia in the Tavush direction by UAZ car. After warning the  Armenian side, leaving the UAZ car, the enemy troops returned to  their positions. At 13:45, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, using  artillery fire, tried to capture the Armenian stronghold, but were  thrown back by the fire, incurring loss of manpower. There are no  losses from the Armenian side.  Closer to the evening, the enemy  resumed shelling of Armenian positions, in the direction of a strong  point that had not previously been captured. All night the  Azerbaijani Armed Forces subjected to intensive firing of 82 mm  mortars and tanks from the aforementioned strong point.  As it became  known, in the morning, after two or three hours of calm, the enemy  resumed provocative actions on the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border  in the Tavush direction, and continued shelling of Armenian  positions.  The Armenian side warned the enemy that all  responsibility for further aggravation of the situation would fall on  the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan.  According to the  official statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of  Azerbaijan, during the incident yesterday, three servicemen of the  Azerbaijani army were killed and four were injured. -0- It is also  worth noting that in connection with this situation, a statement was  made by the Turkish Foreign Ministry expressing unconditional support  to Azerbaijan.

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