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MP: ECHR decision expected even for plaintiffs

MP: ECHR decision expected even for plaintiffs

ArmInfo.  The ECHR decision  published on July 8 was expected.  Moreover, even for the plaintiffs  themselves. A similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo of the  Armenian parliament from the "My Step" faction Arusyak Dzhulakyan.


The ECHR, citing the risk of irreparable damage and violation of  fundamental freedoms. Meanwhile, such statements are mainly satisfied  only in cases where there is a serious threat to human life and  health. What, in the case of the former members of the Constitutional  Court, as we understand, is not observed>, the deputy emphasized.

In this light, Dzhulakyan expressed bewilderment by the motivation of  ex-members of the Constitutional Court when sending a statement with  similar content to the ECHR. The MP emphasized that the applicants,  of course, would seek a decision on the remaining points of their  lawsuit against Armenia, while at the same time expressing doubts  about the success of this initiative by former judges.

On July 8, the European Court of Human Rights denied the complaint to  three former judges and former chairman of the Constitutional Court  of Armenia Hrayr Tovmasyan v. Armenia. It is about their demand,  among other things, suspension as an interim solution to the process  of amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia.

Commenting on the timeliness of the formation of the new  Constitution, the parliamentarian noted that the Constitution is a  document that does not imply haste in the matter of replacing it with  a new one. In this light, she sees the need for careful study, long  discussions around the development of a draft of the new Basic Law.  , the  parliamentarian emphasized.

Dzhulakyan shared her expectations regarding the work created several  months ago by the commission on the development of a new Basic Law.  The MP hopes that the commission will present to the public a fairly  high-quality preliminary version of the document. After which the  latter will be put up for discussion with the participation of  various sectors of society, which will allow citizens to express  their agreement or disagreement with him, as well as reflect their  opinion in this document.

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