Thursday, July 9 2020 12:27
Alexandr Avanesov

Prime Minister: Armenian citizen is not material for death from  coronavirus

Prime Minister: Armenian citizen is not material for death from  coronavirus

ArmInfo.  A citizen of Armenia is  not a material for death from a coronavirus. Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan stated  it on July 9 at a meeting of the RA government.

According to him, over the past day in the country, 526 new cases of  the incidence of COVID-19 have been confirmed. 535 have died since  the start of the pandemic citizens, another 170 people died for other  reasons, being infected with a coronavirus. In this situation, as the  head of government noted, the anti- epidemiological strategy remains  the same - learn to live by such rules, which will nullify or bring  cases of infection closer to zero.

Nikol Pashinyan recalled that on the eve of the decision of the  commandant of the state of emergency, Deputy Prime Minister Tigran  Avinyan of a certain category of citizens, exceptions were made  regarding wearing masks. At the same time, as the prime minister  noted, this may become the basis for mass evasion of wearing masks.  He stressed that the fight against violators will be conducted by the  most stringent methods, which will be strengthened as necessary. "Our  task is not to fine citizens, but to increase their consciousness>,"  the head of government stated.

He also recalled that the situation in the world is not better. Over  the past day alone, 100,000 new cases of morbidity have been  identified, and the total number of infected has approached 12  million people.  It should be noted that according to the data as of  11:00 on July 9, 526 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected  in Armenia, 573 patients recovered.          

In total, 30,346 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the republic,  18,000 people recovered, 535 died.  Over the past day, the disease  claimed the lives of 14 people aged 52 to 90 years; all but one of  them had accompanying chronic diseases. Over the past day, 6 deaths  were also recorded when the patients confirmed a coronavirus  infection, but death was due to other diseases. Thus, the total  number of such cases has reached 170. Currently 11641 patients are  receiving actual treatment. In total, 129,166 tests for coronavirus  were conducted in the republic.

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