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David Stepanyan

Ex-Minister: Turkish plan of attack on Armenia linked to Meghri  Corridor

Ex-Minister: Turkish plan of attack on Armenia linked to Meghri  Corridor

ArmInfo. The Turkish plan of attack on Armenia published the other day is connected with the Meghri Corridor, more precisely, the option of resolving the Karabakh conflict. A similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo Minister of  Defense of Armenia in 1999-2000. Lieutenant General Vagarshak  Harutyunyan.

On June 17, the Swedish portal Nordic Monitor published information  on the plans of the Turkish military military invasion of Armenia and  Greece. The plan of attack on Armenia was drawn up on August 15,  2000, and on Greece on June 13, 2014. The leak of information  occurred as a result of the error of the investigator conducting the  court case of the attempted military coup in Turkey in July 2016.  

The ex-minister believes that such a high degree of Ankara's interest  in gaining direct ground communications with Azerbaijan could well  prompt the Turkish General Staff to develop a military plan for  resolving this strategic task. He recently considers the Turkish plan  of attack on Armenia in this context.  Harutyunyan is convinced that  Turkey regarded Armenia as a hostile state from the very moment of  gaining its last independence.

Accordingly, this country has always had aggressive military plans  for neighboring Armenia. In this light, he also recalled that at the  very height of the war in Artsakh in 1993, Ankara began to deploy its  army on the border with Armenia with the obvious intention to attack.  This scenario was prevented only as a result of the intervention of  third countries.

, summed up Harutyunyan.


If Turkey wants Meghri the only way they could have it, if Turkey gives back to Armenia the Armenian provinces of Kars ,Ardahan and Artvin., Armenia needs access to the black sea. Artvin will give Armenia access to the black sea.

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