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David Stepanyan

Analyst: The demarche of the former beneficiary against the  government was quite predictable

Analyst: The demarche of the former beneficiary against the  government was quite predictable

ArmInfo. The events taking place around Gagik Tsarukyan are quite natural. It is clear that sooner or later after the revolution, the interests of some groups should have been strictly limited. The head of the Modus Vivendi analytical  center Ara Papyan expressed a similar opinion.  ArmInfo.

''We are talking about people who for decades circumvented the law,  evaded taxes, etc. etc. In the case of Tsarukyan and his inner  circle, all this is more than obvious. Accordingly, no matter what  Tsarukyan states today, no matter how he tries to interpret the  processes around him, it is obvious that he has become one of the  richest people in Armenia due to his many years of benefits. These  benefits included state orders, taxes and much more>, he said.

In this light, Tsarukyan's demarche against the authorities, in  Papyan's view, was quite predictable. And many analysts warned Prime  Minister Pashinyan about this at the time. ''In particular, we were  saying that if there is a revolution, then there will be a  counter-revolution. Accordingly, there was a need for tough steps.  Pashinyan did not go for it, embarking on the velvet path and  re-education of the oligarchs. It is clear that the latter did not  want to re-educate at the expense of their own pockets. Accordingly,  everything that could have been done 2 years ago right away, in a  very favorable conditions, now has to be done with great  difficulties>, Papyan emphasized.

Armenian Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan submitted a motion in  parliament on criminal prosecution and arrest of the leader of  Prosperous Armenia Gagik Tsarukyan. "There are already two arrested  people in the case of voter bribery. There is evidence that Tsarukyan  had organized a group for the purpose of bribery of voters. Based on  this, I am asking for consent to initiate criminal prosecution  against him, to attract him as a suspect and to charge him," Davtyan  stressed.

According to the analyst, having allowed the actual revenge of the  oligarchy in Artsakh, Pashinyan personally set a precedent for the  revenge of the oligarchy in Armenia. And the tendency to this revenge  today is more than obvious. Papyan, however, expressed hope that the  revenge-seekers, nevertheless, would be defeated.

Moreover, according to his estimates, the situation in any case  continues to remain rather dangerous. And the problem is not only the  ratings, in terms of which the "former regime" has no chance.  According to Papyan, with the help of huge media and financial  resources, revenge-seekers have been brainwashing the population for  two years. And in the regions, under the pretext of charity, people  are being recruited.


Тревожно в Армении. Революция оборачивается и готова сљесть своих верных. Остановитесь. Олигархи знают и без нас, что взять с собой свои богатства в мир иной не в силах никого. Все останется грядущим поколениям. Но если продолжится революционный хаос, потеряют все. Нисколько не сомневаясь в чистоте умыслов сторонников революционных перемен, невольно, челквек задается вопросом, насколько помогут экспроприированные и выжатые у олигархов деньги решать революционные задачи. Нужен диалог, да и с олигархами, но не с раволюционными требованиями.

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