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David Stepanyan

Forecast: "Subversive" populism of opposition will not gain votes

Forecast: "Subversive" populism of opposition will not gain votes

ArmInfo. The fight against coronavirus should not be limited to the struggle of power / Everyone should fight the epidemic: power, opposition, society, all people, all without exception. A similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo, a  deputy of the parliamentary fraction "My Step" Hovhannes Igityan.

<This may sound too idealistic, but it seems to me that the three  parliamentary factions should sit together and, on the basis of WHO  recommendations, decide what to do and voice this joint decision to  society and its constituents. That was how it should be. And so we  could overcome the coronavirus together. At the very least, minimize  its health, economic, political and all other negative consequences>,  he said.  Instead of all this, one parliamentary political force,  according to him, preferred to act on the principle of "but we said>,  bringing under this"said "only what is beneficial for them today to  say. In parallel, the same force overwhelmed the European Parliament  with groundless complaints against the government. Another, larger  opposition force, instead of educating society and explaining the  danger of infection to people, erupted in statements like  "coronavirus will not bother good people>.

According to the parliamentarian, the ruling political force will  fulfill its duties and do its work regardless of whether other  parliamentary forces support this work or not. Commenting on calls  for the resignation of the government, Igityan noted that the calls  were appeals, but the cabinet's resignation presupposes a certain  legal process, and that is, a vote in parliament. Considering that  there are still three years before the election, a similar  "subversive" populism of the opposition will not bring any votes.

Such destructive behavior of people who call themselves opposition,  according to Igityan, does not fit into the framework of common  sense. <A common threat must rally, not scatter. I have seen this in  previous years, starting in 1988. Are all these forces requiring  Pashinyan's resignation working today in the fight against  coronavirus? Definitely not. They just want to jump into the prime  minister's chair. At the same time, the same Arthur Vanetsyan had a  chance, finally, to create a real national National Security Service.   Did he use it? Definitely not. He did not succeed in absolutely  anything>, the parliamentarian emphasized.  Igityan is convinced that  it is impossible to build an opposition out of several rejected,  offended, and seized by the desire for revenge ambitious participants  in criminal cases. The creation of the opposition suggests that other  people, society, ideas and programs should stand behind these people.

<Yes, and we have mistakes, but to say that we failed the fight  against coronavirus is also not true.  Together with other countries,  together with the rest of the world, we learn from our mistakes and  those of others. And go ahead. And it's not Gagik Tsarukyan who will  give us an assessment, the people will give us an assessment - in the  next parliamentary elections. None of us clings to chairs and a  mandate. But let me, demand early elections in a similar situation -  a gamble. In other countries, people cannot even hold regular  elections. Thank God that today we are not even confronted with this  problem,> Igityan concluded.  


К сожалению, у отвергнутых, обиженных и охваченных стремлением к реваншу “оппозиционеров” личные чувства преобладают над патриотическими. Хочется напомнить мысль, высказанную большим патриотом Ш. Азнавуром в беседе с Познером. “Если народ выбирает президента, то он и мой президент и я жду когда и чем могу помочь”. Всенародного одобрения новой власти, очевидно, “недовольные” не заметили. Для благо страны нужно, чтобы оппозиционные партии от количества перешли к их качеству и образовали созидательную оппозицию, действующую в интересах страны.

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