Friday, June 5 2020 22:48
Karina Manukyan

The commandant`s office discussed the possibility of introducing  curfew in Armenia

The commandant`s office discussed the possibility of introducing  curfew in Armenia

ArmInfo.The Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, Nikol Poshinyan, once again urged citizens to observe anti-epidemiological rules in connection with the difficult  situation with coronavirus in Armenia.

On June 5, during the briefing, the Prime Minister informed that at  the last meeting of the Commandant's office several options for  overcoming the current situation were discussed. Among the proposed  scenarios is the introduction of total restrictions, curfews, or a  complete or partial ban on certain types of economic activity.  Meanwhile, Pashinyan noted that he is not a supporter of these  measures, because he believes in the consciousness of citizens and  their compliance with security measures according to COVID-19. The  head of the cabinet admitted that he was surprised to learn that  there is an underground life in Armenia:  underground weddings,  recent calls and other events. This means that they may well continue  with the next tightening of measures.

The main task, according to Pashinyan, is to promote the health care  system, which operates under high loads. The Prime Minister  emphasized that the Government will not spare efforts to strengthen  the corresponding capacities in medical institutions, however, every  citizen of the country must be conscious and strictly comply with  anti-epidemiological rules. He expressed confidence that this step  will avoid the negative development of the situation on COVID-19.  Without the implementation of security measures by citizens, as the  prime minister emphasized, it will be impossible to ensure stability  in the event of the opening of interstate borders.

Pashinyan also informed that the general anti-epidemiological  movement will continue, and the publication of cases of violations in  social networks already gives certain results.

The prime minister also explained the dramatic difference observed in  recent days between the number of new cases of coronavirus and  patients who have recovered. According to him, from now on,  statistics on people who have recovered from COVID-19 include only  severe and extremely serious cases, the treatment of which required  hospitalization. Asymptomatic patients who are in home isolation and,  in fact, do not receive treatment, are no longer included in these  statistics. Pashinyan also said that, according to some estimates,  the peak incidence of coronavirus in Armenia is expected to end at  the end of June, however, these forecasts are scientifically  unfounded given the prevailing uncertainty around COVID-19 around the  world.

For his part, the head of the Bureau for the Coordination of  Inspection Authorities Artur Asoyan informed that a total of 22  thousand inspections were carried out in the republic, as a result of  which 1490 business entities were temporarily suspended. According to  June 5, according to the results of 796 inspections, the work of 220  business entities was temporarily banned. He also said that the  monitoring also covers state institutions, and based on its results,  in particular, the activity of catering points operating in  government buildings No. 1 and No. 3 was suspended.

In total, 11,817 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the republic,  3,513 people recovered, 183 died.  Currently, 8052 patients are  receiving actual treatment.

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