Thursday, June 4 2020 20:48
Alina Hovhannisyan

MFA RA: The current government of Azerbaijan is a threat not only to  Artsakh, Armenia, but also to peace and security in the region

MFA RA: The current government of Azerbaijan is a threat not only to  Artsakh, Armenia, but also to peace and security in the region

ArmInfo. The current government of Azerbaijan, which considers Armenian-phobia as the main source of internal consolidation and legitimacy of power, is a threat not only  to Artsakh, Armenia and the entire Armenian people, but also to peace  and security in the region.

A similar statement was made by the press  secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of  Armenia (MFA), Anna Naghdalyan, commenting on the next statement by  the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.  "The security system of  Artsakh and Armenia is sufficiently comprehensive and stable to  effectively counter such threats," she emphasized.

According to Naghdalyan, recently, from various departments and  senior management of Azerbaijan sound devoid of content, reminiscent  of hysteria and competing anti-Armenian statements.


It is noteworthy that the authoritarian authorities of Azerbaijan,  promoting hate among their people and threatening war, use the  pretext of combating coronavirus to commit large-scale human rights  violations in their country - a reality voiced by a number of  authoritative international and regional organizations.   Nevertheless, no matter how much hatred propaganda against Armenians  and the threat of war are aimed at an internal audience, such  statements cause serious damage to the peace process and indicate  that not the people of Azerbaijan, but the top leadership of  Azerbaijan is not ready for peace>, - it says in the MFA statement.

She noted that the anti-Armenian actions of the Azerbaijani  leadership have already received their legal assessment from the  international community. Thus, in the verdict adopted in the case of  Makuchyan and Minasyan v. Azerbaijan and Hungary, the ECHR condemned  the racist policy of the Azerbaijani state, which manifested itself  in actions to pardon, release and reward the murderer Ramil Safarov.   Recall that on the eve of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev  visited the Terter region of the country, where he delivered a  large-scale speech, which was aimed mainly at blackening Armenia. At  the same time, Aliyev, once again expressing claims to the original  Armenian territories, made an absurd statement that "the vast  majority of toponyms throughout the territory of present-day Armenia  are of Azerbaijani origin" and that the Armenians were allegedly  resettled to these territories during the Russian-Persian war. 


Очень обстоятельное заявление. Есть ли возможность доведения подобных документов до азербаджанской аудитории Ненависть алиевцев к армянам основана в своей сущности на неприятии и ненависти к западной Системе, которой служат ар Сам г-н Алиев вряд ли так думает. Его эта Система, с ее купанием в деньгах, вполне устраивает. Ему нужна к тому всего лишь слава народного героя, маленького К.Ататюрка, на укор целого народа - соседа. Мы, ассоциируемся в их головах со сгнитым Западом, источником всех их бед. Было бы здорово суметь повлиять на их мысление и фальшивый патриотизм, ведущий в никуда.

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