Tuesday, June 2 2020 20:00
Alexandr Avanesov

Nikol Pashinyan: lack of administrative rigidity is evident in  Armenia

Nikol Pashinyan: lack of administrative rigidity is evident in  Armenia

ArmInfo.In Armenia, the situation with coronavirus continues to deteriorate. This was  announced on June 2 at a briefing in Yerevan by Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan.  According to him, 517 new cases of COVID-19 incidence  were recorded in the country per day, the total number of deaths was  175.

The reason, as the head of government noted, is the neglect of  the rules of conduct established by the commandant of the state of  emergency. The government is confident that strict adherence to these  rules will lead to a decrease in the incidence rate, up to a zero  mark. Nikol Pashinyan noted that after the events of 2018, the  atmosphere of fear disappeared in the country, which, in turn, led to  problems with compliance with legal norms.

 For example, violations are detected in the distribution network,  the network closes, but voices are heard about spoilage of products  and damage suffered. In Armenia, as the prime minister noted, the  lack of administrative rigidity is obvious., Which leads to an  aggravation of the situation.

In this regard, at today's meeting of the commandant's office, the  prime minister strictly demanded that law enforcement agencies take  the most active measures to correct the situation, while eliminating  all objective and subjective factors. The prime minister noted that  de jure strict restrictions exist in the camp, but de facto this is  not. "I will personally control the situation. We have to understand  one thing: either we are following the path of severe restrictions,  and, thus, we are putting the country in front of serious social and  economic upheavals, or we are taking control of the situation," the  head of the Armenian government said. .  He added that no matter  what, tough measures will be applied against violators, the failure  of which will lead to specific consequences. Nikol Pashinyan noted  that there is still time, and it is necessary to radically change the  situation over the next 2-3 days.

It should be noted that as of 11:00 on June 2, 517 new cases of  coronavirus infection were detected in Armenia. This was reported by  the Unified Information Center. According to the source, another 25  patients recovered. In total, 1,0009 cases of coronavirus were  confirmed in the republic, 3,427 people recovered, 158 died. Over the  last day, the disease claimed the lives of 19 people aged 50 to 82  years old; all had accompanying chronic diseases. Over the past day,  one death was also recorded when the patient confirmed a coronavirus  infection, but death was due to another disease. Thus, the total  number of such cases reached 56. Currently, 6368 patients are  receiving actual treatment. In total, 59917 tests for coronavirus  were conducted in the republic.

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