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Karina Manukyan

Karen Andreasyan: Current informational terrorism is the path to  corruption revenge and counter-revolution

Karen Andreasyan: Current informational terrorism is the path to  corruption revenge and counter-revolution

ArmInfo.Today, information terrorism in Armenia is a serious threat to state security. The former Ombudsman of Armenia, human rights activist Karen Andreasyan  stated this in a conversation with ArmInfo.

Andreasyan noted that the situation gets even more dangerous, as  subversive activities in the rear of the current government are  carried out in the context of the fight against coronavirus. As the  expert put it, the mafia structures representing the former  authorities are taking steps to undermine the foundations of  statehood. Information terrorism plays the key role, being committed  through the mafia-controlled media, political scientists and other  "mafia prostitutes". This is done through the dissemination through  their channels of blatant lies and hoax in order to create the  impression of oppression and lawlessness by the current authorities.  Andreasyan drew attention to the fact that, at the same time, the  current Ombudsman of Armenia Arman Tatoyan, based on preliminary  information about such "incidents" and not understanding the  situation, makes harsh statements, while subsequently it becomes  clear that the criminals and offenders were ''the aggrieved'' party.

The aim of information terrorism, as Andreasyan emphasizes, is to  create a false impression of the situation in Armenia among  representatives of the Diaspora and international structures, as well  as undermine the credibility of the authorities in society. "These  are dirty, mafia technologies that are used not in political but in  criminal struggle," the human rights activist emphasized.

According to him, the biggest mistake of the authorities is that they  do not explain to the public that the current struggle is not a  struggle of the former regime with the current one or of the  opposition with the authorities, but a struggle between the mafia and  the people. Moreover, the acts of the former authorities are fully  covered by Article 223 of the RA Criminal Code - the creation of a  criminal community or participation in a criminal community. This act  covers all the criminal phenomena that took place earlier - that is,  a system of kickback schemes and spirit de corps, which was  controlled from one center of the mafia.

As Andreasyan put it, information terrorism organized by the former  authorities can be considered as a path towards a corruption  revolution. The expert noted that the aforementioned mafia structure  was formed in Armenia in 1995- 96, when people in power illegally  accumulated huge wealth due to the impoverishment of the people. Now  it faces the task of understanding what kind of person will be  acceptable to the people from the point of view of spreading outright  lies - whether it be the former head of the NSS, Arthur Vanetsyan or  the son-in-law of former President Serzh Sargsyan, Mikael Minasyan.   The task set is to achieve the return to Armenia of former officials  accused of corruption and wanted, in order to return to the practice  of widespread robbery and intimidation of citizens.

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