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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Ex-Advisor to President of Artsakh: Opponent seeks to present rather  calm situation on the front line as "tense"

Ex-Advisor to President of Artsakh: Opponent seeks to present rather  calm situation on the front line as "tense"

ArmInfo. The statements of the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan Zakir Hasanov at an expanded meeting with the leadership of the army are not out of the ordinary,  and rhetoric has been voiced similarly earlier in various venues. A  similar opinion is shared by ex-adviser to Artsakh President Tigran  Abrahamyan.

At the same time, Abrahamyan stated that the data of the Artsakh  Defense Army on the situation on the front line indicate a relatively  small number of cases of ceasefire violation on the contact line of  the troops, while the daily daily report of the enemy, which  allegedly uses large-caliber weapons and activates snipers, indicates  that they are trying to present the situation in a different way.

"Despite the unconfirmed reports of incidents at the forefront and  various kinds of threats that sounded from Baku last week, the final  weekly summary of the NKR Defense Army speaks of a rather low number  of ceasefire violations, and there is no information about other  types of incidents at all.

It turns out that for various reasons, Azerbaijan is trying at this  stage to present a fairly calm situation on the front line as  "tense".

At this stage, "tension" is still in the field of propaganda, and in  order to understand whether this is an announcement for the  escalation of the situation at the forefront or is it information  training, it is necessary to analyze in detail some other  circumstances ", - the expert noted.

Earlier, the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan Zakir Hasanov during a  meeting with the leadership of the army announced the readiness of  the country's armed forces to carry out any task and order of the  Supreme Commander up to a "crushing blow to the enemy in all  directions in order to liberate the land." "The adversary must  realize that the measures we will take this time will be different  from the April events of 2016, and the blows that will be delivered  will lead to his political, economic and military collapse as a  whole," the Azerbaijani minister said. who also praised the results  of the recently completed large-scale tactical exercises. The  Minister gave specific instructions to officials to continue active  reconnaissance in the depths of the enemy's defense using modern  equipment, to improve the conditions of combat duty, to ensure the  safety of personnel, to increase the level of combat and mobilization  readiness, to provide medical services to military personnel and a  number of other issues.

The Armenian Defense Ministry reacted sharply to this statement.  Thus, the press secretary of the Armenian Defense Ministry Shushan  Stepanyan, in particular, noted: "The Minister of Defense of  Azerbaijan Zakir Hasanov held a meeting and boasted, in fact and  definitively recognizing that the initiator of the April 2016 actions  was the Azerbaijani side, in his person and its commander in chief.  Hasanov admitted that they were not very happy with the results of  the April war, they could not solve the task assigned to them, so he  will personally answer for both past and present words and decisions,  and for the shed blood of both Armenian and Azerbaijani soldiers. the  Azerbaijani military-political leadership, that the time has long  come to come to terms with the idea of peace and a military balance  of power in the region.  Otherwise, the Armed Forces of Armenia with  all determination, professionalism and destructive blows will have to  multiply the results of the trilateral ceasefire of 1994 and protect  the common security of Armenia and Artsakh. "

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