Friday, May 29 2020 15:02
Ani Mshetsyan

David Babayan: President of Azerbaijan does not hide his intentions  to destroy Artsakh and Armenia

David Babayan: President of Azerbaijan does not hide his intentions  to destroy Artsakh and Armenia

ArmInfo. Yesterday's statement by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev is not new or unprecedented, but it is interesting. This was announced on May 29 in an interview with  ArmInfo correspondent by adviser to the President of Artsakh on  foreign affaires, David Babayan, commenting on yesterday's statement  by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

According to Babayan, it is interesting because it shows that as very  serious processes are taking place in Azerbaijan, it is likely with  Aliyev himself. <The ideas expressed by the president of Azerbaijan  are devoid of logic, absolute cacophony, especially for the part that  concerns Nagorno-Karabakh. He says that <the Armenians stood at  attention>, <wrote some kind of anonymous letters>. This is hate,  plus ignorance, plus some kind of confusion of facts. Maybe all this  is connected personally with Aliyev, and maybe it reflects the  underlying processes taking place in Azerbaijan>, the NKR  presidential adviser on foreign affairs emphasized.

He also said that after all the ideas that Aliyev expressed, his  statements about a phased solution are meaningless. <The President of  Azerbaijan can no longer hide his true intentions. He wants to  destroy Artsakh and Armenia. His claims to Yerevan, to Karabakh,  these formulations are not connected with tact, diplomacy. All these  statements show complex and in-depth processes in this state>,  David  Babayan noted.  Artsakh's presidential adviser on foreign affairs  added that Ilham Aliyev openly expresses his anti- Armenian policy.  <The President of Azerbaijan acts as a geopolitical traffic light.  Aliyev, without realizing it, warns us that Azerbaijan should not be  trusted. As if lighting a red light that calls us to be vigilant.  Thus, Aliyev shows us his true face>, Babayan concluded.

To note, yesterday President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev met with the  immigrants. The President of Azerbaijan noted that there is no other  option for the conflict, except for a phased one. Aliyev also  explained how he sees a phased solution to the conflict: <At the  first stage, part of the land is liberated. And there can be no other  option. But I say that this can only be a phased approach. Our goal,  our main goal is to fully and finally ensure our sovereignty, and we  will do it. Let no one doubt it. We just need to be stronger,  correctly assess the time and geopolitical situation in order to  solve the problem>, the President of Azerbaijan emphasized.

He also noted that the <ancient Azerbaijani city of Irevan> was given  to the Armenians. This fact cannot be justified and cannot be  forgiven. 

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