Thursday, May 28 2020 19:08
Alina Hovhannisyan

Pashinyan warns: Situation with coronavirus is more than serious in  Armenia

 Pashinyan warns: Situation with coronavirus is more than serious in  Armenia

ArmInfo.Yerevan is the largest hot zone of coronavirus in Armenia, and we continue to hold the view that the only way out of this situation is to comply with sanitary  and epidemiological standards. On May 28, Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan stated this during a briefing, stressing that the situation  is more than serious.  

In this regard, he called for compliance with all requirements, in  particular, wearing masks, disinfecting hands, and respecting social  distance. At the same time, the prime minister called for stopping  the dissemination of misinformation about coronavirus and wearing  masks. "The situation is more than serious and becoming more serious.  I think it is inappropriate to talk about the fact that masks are  expensive. Nobody says that soap is expensive in stores. After all,  no one forces to buy them, we say that you can make masks yourself at  home. Wearing masks can lead to a zero infection rate, "the prime  minister emphasized.  

In addition, Pashinyan recalled that 70% of people infected with  coronavirus have an asymptomatic disease, so wearing masks is a must.   "Our hope and appeal remains the same - a change in social behavior.  But in this context, I want to say that we intend to apply  administrative loopholes>, he said.

Noting that at the moment having a mask is a mandatory requirement,  then with a change in the situation, the prime minister did not rule  out that the next toughening of the emergency mode would be the  obligatory wearing of masks, both indoors and outdoors. "Our task is  the following - so that we can maintain control over the situation  and not return to the quarantine regime," the Prime Minister  emphasized.   However, returning to quarantine, according to Pashinyan, will depend  only on the places in the intensive care unit, since, with a daily  increase in the statistics of infected people, the number of patients  who are in serious and extremely serious condition is also growing.  "No one excludes that we will return to quarantine, it all depends on  the development of the situation," he said.  

At the same time, the Prime Minister emphasized that unplanned raids  by law enforcement and inspection bodies are currently underway,  which verify the proper implementation of the recommendations of the  commandant's office.  When violations are detected, the facilities  are closed for 24 hours, however, Pashinyan did not rule out that in  cases of repeated violations, the activities of an economic entity  will be prohibited for a longer period.   To recall, according to the situation on the morning of May 28, 442  new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Armenia. Thus, in  the country the total number of infected reached 8216 people, while  32 patients recovered. 113 people died from complications of  coronavirus (15 per past day). The number of patients with  coronavirus who died for other reasons is 44 (5 over the past day).  

According to the data, the number of people cured of the infection is  3287 people. 4772 people are under treatment.  54931 tests were  carried out in the republic (1253 over the last day). 

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