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David Stepanyan

Former Prime Minister: Armenia should be ready for the redistribution  of roles and the struggle for zones of influence in a bipolar world

Former Prime Minister: Armenia should be ready for the redistribution  of roles and the struggle for zones of influence in a bipolar world

ArmInfo. Obviously, the world has  become bipolar. And right now, in the context of the coronavirus  pandemic, the United States and China are redistributing the Yalta  world order created after the Second World War, the leader of the  Republic party, former prime minister of Armenia Aram Sargsyan,  expressed a similar opinion ArmInfo.

"This is done through political and economic wars between them. And  Russia remains out of this game, at best, it is a substitute player.  Armenia should be ready to such a redistribution of roles and fight  for zones of influence in a bipolar world. The only way to do this is  to strengthen sovereignty. China's restoration of the Great Silk Road  is based on a political program with a powerful economic component,  "he said.

According to the politician, the Silk Road is not just a road - it  has extensive infrastructure, jobs that are beneficial to investors  and the countries in which they are carried out, investments aimed at  long-term return. In his opinion, Armenia has not yet grown to a  similar level of perception of road construction - building a road  does not mean just laying asphalt. Meanwhile, the development of  Armenia is also impossible without a sense of global developments,  readiness to send and receive messages.

Among these messages, Sargsyan singled out a statement by US  Assistant Secretary of State George Kent about the inefficiency of  many statements by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. The lack of  mention of territorial integrity in the congratulation of US  President Trump, dedicated to the Independence Day of Azerbaijan,  mention of the eternity of Ararat and Yangtze on Chinese boxes with  help for Armenia.  Armenia should respond equally to such messages,  which, according to the politician, are not a small thing, and  changes in foreign policy should be programmatic.

Sargsyan noted that since the establishment of the Third Republic,  its leadership has focused on solving two naturally interconnected  problems: Artsakh and the economy. And each of the three presidents  of Armenia, its current prime minister, tried to do it in their own  way with their inherent mistakes and achievements. The former prime  minister is convinced that not one of the Armenian presidents had any  intention to sell Artsakh. Although one of the presidents tried to  solve the problem of Artsakh at the expense of the territories of  Armenia.

The former prime minister is convinced of the impossibility of  selling Artsakh. In his opinion, this is an absurd fabricated lie  constantly used by the fifth column of Armenia's strategic ally to  pressure all four Armenian leaders and force them to make significant  concessions. According to him, the sale of Artsakh is an illogical  lie, invented and served by special services in order to divert  attention from other problems and issues.  , Sargsyan is convinced.

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