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David Stepanyan

YPC President: Reincarnation of the  system dilapidated by the  revolution takes place in Armenia 

YPC President: Reincarnation of the  system dilapidated by the  revolution takes place in Armenia 

ArmInfo.If the government has developed and carries out periodic analyzes of the "100 steps" policy, it would be logical to share the results of this analysis with society also periodically. A similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo,  the  president of Yerevan Press Club, Boris Navasardyan said, commenting  on the last "100 achievements" of Nikol Pashinyan's Government.

"The problem, in my opinion, is that as achievements are presented  phenomena that would still take place regardless of the efforts of  the government. Meanwhile, in the areas in which these efforts are  simply necessary, the prime minister's reports look like "This is  unconvincing. In this light, the doubts of experts and society as a  whole regarding the effectiveness of the government's work have  obvious justification," he said.

Navasardyan considers a change in the attitude of government  representatives to such assessments a necessity. In his view, members  of the government should not treat expert opinion with neglect or as  a manifestation of a conspiracy, but take it into account. Especially  estimates containing a positive charge.  Meanwhile, today any  criticism, even the most justified, is perceived by the authorities  extremely aggressively. The government prefers to see only its own  achievements and not see serious punctures.  According to  Navasardyan, the system of state machinery is clearly opposed to the  effective work of members of the government. However, this  opposition, according to his forecasts, will only grow to the extent  that the country's leadership will continue to avoid decisive steps  that were initially an obvious necessity. It is precisely seeing the  indecision, hesitation, uncertainty of the government in its own  strengths, its own decisions, the remnants of the old system, in his  opinion, begin to gain this determination.  And, accordingly, protect  the still existing system.

"In my opinion, today there is even a reincarnation and rebuilding of  the system that the revolution began to ruin. The main reason for the  inefficiency of the government, I personally consider not the lack of  proper work experience for many members, but the lack of desire to  gain this experience. Some time has passed, however, I don't see the  desire to learn, to follow advice, to accept my own mistakes.  Meanwhile, turning a blind eye to my own mistakes, any inexperienced  person is incapable of achieving any progress. In any field,  especially in government, "the YPC President summed up.

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