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Armen Sarkissian: The Republic of Artsakh is a mature democratic  state, and this is an irreversible fact

Armen Sarkissian: The Republic of Artsakh is a mature democratic  state, and this is an irreversible fact

ArmInfo.Today, the Republic of Artsakh has inaugurated a new stage of its statebuilding, the President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian stated in the statement,the press service of RA President reports. 

Sarkissian, in particular, noted: <Dear Compatriots, today, the  Republic of Artsakh has inaugurated a new stage of its statebuilding.   The newly-elected President Araik Harutyunian will assume office.  In  addition, also today the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh  of the 7th convocation has convened its first session.  

Before congratulating once again the newly elected president and  members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh, I would  like to congratulate the citizens of Artsakh for their new democratic  victory, a victory which is yet another step on the road toward the  strengthening of sovereign statehood.  

The Republic of Artsakh is a mature democratic state, and this is an  irreversible fact.  With the war still unfinished, Artsakh proves  once again that is able to organize for the seventh time  parliamentary and for the sixth time presidential elections. Each of  these elections further solidifies state and democratic institutions  in Artsakh.  

Along with the citizens of Artsakh, the third President of the  Republic of Artsakh Bako Sahakian, who today will lay down his  authorities, made a great contribution to the maturing of these  institutions. I would like to express my special thanks to him. After  assuming the office of the President of Artsakh in 2007, he led the  Republic with honor, with responsibility of a statesman and  determination of a native of Artsakh. I hope that Mr. Sahakian will  continue to contribute to the empowerment of Artsakh by passing his  experience and knowledge to the younger generation.  

I also thank all representatives of Artsakh's state institutions for  their work and efforts.  

I send my congratulations to the new President of Artsakh Araik  Harutyunian. I am confident that President Harutyunian will do his  best for the further strengthening of Artsakh's security and economic  advancement. I have no doubt that the new government formed by him  will be a government of solidarity, whose policies will allow through  the joint efforts and together to empower the Republic of Artsakh.  Artsakh always needs our common and individual support. We will be  working together for Artsakh's prosperity.  

I also congratulate the political forces which will comprise the  National Assembly of the 7th convocation - Free Fatherland - KMD  alliance, United Fatherland Party, Justice Party, ARF and Artsakh's  Democratic Party fractions. I hope that they will carry on with the  best traditions of Artsakh's political life and legislative authority  and will develop them further for the benefit of Artsakh's progress  also by cooperating with the political forces not represented in the  parliament.  

Dear Compatriots, twenty-eight years ago, about these very days,  after the liberation of Shushi another momentous event took place in  the Artsakh War. On May 18, 1992 the Armenian forces launched a  massive attack and liberated Berdzor. The lifeline, linking Artsakh  to Armenia, was opened, the blockade of Artsakh was broken. Today,  the new stage of statebuilding in Artsakh is also a tribute to the  memory of the heroes who gave their lives in that particular military  operation and in the Artsakh Liberation War in general.  

This day is yet another guarantee that the Republic of Artsakh cannot  be stopped in its advancement.  God bless Armenia, Artsakh, and the  entire Armenian nation.> 

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