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David Stepanyan

Parliamentarian: The absence of state opposition among some  opposition leaders makes one hope at least for their instinct for  self-preservation

Parliamentarian: The absence of state opposition among some  opposition leaders makes one hope at least for their instinct for  self-preservation

ArmInfo.Part of Levon Ter-Petrosyan's proposals regarding the political power ruling in Armenia has not yet been subjected to general discussion in our  faction.  Accordingly, talking about our common reaction is  premature.

Gayane Abrahamyan, deputy of the parliamentary fraction of  the My Step bloc, expressed such an  opinion to ArmInfo, commenting  on the article "Under the dictation of the state of war" by the first  president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan.  At the same time, the  parliamentarian expressed confidence that the opposition and critics  of the authorities do not heed the assessments and sobering calls of  the ex-president. First of all, by virtue of many years of autocratic  robbery, strangulation, weakening of the state by corruption systems,  decades of criminal acts against the state and people.

At the same time, according to her estimates, the first president  better than many represents and realizes the degree of difficulty in  managing, the degree of responsibility of the authorities in a war  situation.  Abrahamyan expressed regret at the lack of understanding  of these words of a statesman by some opposition leaders who puts the  state above political interests. People who, in her opinion, will  stop at nothing in pursuit of their own political goals, endangering  state interests, security and the state itself.  "Not everyone agrees  with Ter-Petrosyan on quite a few issues. Many blame him for the  mistakes made at the time, the wrong policy. Nevertheless, it is  through such opinions and discussions that the quality of political  discourse and discussion is formed. In this light, I see the need to  publish texts of similar quality with the content of samples of  political thinking, "said the parliamentarian.

Abrahamyan also agreed with Ter-Petrosyan, emphasizing that the world  today is in a state of invisible, very dangerous confrontation. In  this light, she considers it necessary to consolidate the Armenian  society in the name of the state and the security of society. At the  same time, everyone needs to put aside political differences and  interests.

"In general, I am inclined to consider Ter-Petrosyan's  characterization of the domestic political situation in Armenia -"  incredible and dangerous "in the general context of the situation  related to the spread of coronavirus. Some that our oppositionists  stubbornly do not want to see. And if such people are completely  devoid of state thinking , are deprived of a sense of social  responsibility, they should at least have a working instinct for  self-preservation, respectively, they should be aware of this simple  truth based on at least the safety of their relatives and friends "-  he summed up the MP.

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