Monday, April 6 2020 20:13
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Pashinyan again expressed dissatisfaction with the investigation of  corruption cases

Pashinyan again expressed dissatisfaction with the investigation of  corruption cases

ArmInfo.I am not satisfied with the level of anti-corruption actions in the republic. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this on April 6 during an  online question-answer, answering the corresponding question.  

He emphasized that he had recently held meetings on this issue and  instructed to increase the efficiency of investigation of cases  related to corruption and the return of stolen capital. "But we must  take into account the fact that from 2018 to this day, budget  revenues have increased by 40-45% or $ 1.1 billion. These funds have  been returned to the budget, including as part of the fight against  the shadow economy, monopolies and corruption,"  the Prime Minister  noted.

Pashinyan again emphasized that he was dissatisfied with the  anti-corruption work of law enforcement agencies and if their  effectiveness does not increase, he will be forced to take "other  measures".    Touching upon the so-called charity carried out by some people, he  noted that this is just a successful advertisement through these  actions, while the amount of money distributed to citizens during  such campaigns is negligible compared to the costs that would be  spent on advertising such campaigns on television.  Speaking about  the reform of the judicial system and the vetting, Pashinyan  emphasized that the parliament had already adopted the proper  documents and after they were signed by the president, reforms in  this area would begin with a new force and more radically. At the  same time, he assured that this is an important component of the  reforms carried out in the judicial field.  Continuing the topic,  answering the question why the fight against corruption was so  powerful in Georgia after the Rose Revolution, Pashinyan noted that  the processes in Georgia had a geopolitical context and their  geopolitical sponsors. Velvet revolution in Armenia had a different  character and did not include any kind of geopolitical context. .  

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