Friday, March 27 2020 21:21
Karina Manukyan

MES Rescue Service employee infected with Coronavirus 

MES Rescue Service employee infected with Coronavirus 

ArmInfo.An employee of the Yerevan branch of the Rescue Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia infected with  coronavirus.  Director of the  Rescue Service of the MES of Armenia Vrezh Gabrielyan said this at a  March 27 press conference.

Gabrielyan informed that today an infected employee who has become  infected by his wife continues to receive treatment. In addition, in  the premises located in Lusakert, belonging to the Ministry of  Emergency Situations, 11 rescue service personnel contacting him were  isolated. Another 6 employees are in isolation, as they are among  those who are in contact with other patients with coronavirus from  their environment.

As noted, the health status of all employees of the MES is closely  monitored: the temperature is measured three times a day, and  disinfection is carried out on the premises 2 times a day. In  addition, they were issued 15 thousand units of personal protective  equipment.

Gabrielyan also said that reserve units had been created, which  included employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with  experience in rescue operations. So, only from the Central Office of  the Ministry of Emergencies, about 180 people entered these groups,  who can, if necessary, replace their colleagues. In addition, in the  regions of the republic special groups of disinfection work were  formed consisting of five people each.

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