Friday, March 27 2020 11:30
David Stepanyan

Analyst: Artsakh authorities do not want to see coronavirus devalue  political ambitions

Analyst: Artsakh authorities do not want to see coronavirus devalue  political ambitions

ArmInfo. Artsakh authorities do not want to realize the seriousness of the situation around the situation with the spread of coronavirus. They do not want to realize  the vital necessity of postponing elections. A similar opinion was  expressed by ArmInfo, the head of the Center for Strategic Studies  "Ashkhar" Rachya Arzumanyan.

"Armenia and Artsakh are two states with a common security  environment. Accordingly, there cannot be a situation in which the  state of emergency is in Armenia and nothing happens in Artsakh. If  there is a coronavirus in Armenia, this means that sooner or later it  will end up in Artsakh. The policy towards overcoming the coronavirus  should be general and Yerevan should coordinate this policy, "he  emphasized.  According to the analyst, the termination of the  election campaign in Artsakh is not the task and problem of the  presidential candidates, but the incumbent President Bako Sahakyan.  According to Arzumanyan, the authorities in Stepanakert simply do not  realize the seriousness and extent of the problem and, pursuing  political gain, do not assess strategic risks. Meanwhile, out of  control of the situation in Artsakh, according to his forecasts, is  fraught with serious threats. The analyst does not see any problems  in postponing the elections for 2-3 months, arguing that the  unresolved security issue excludes the very right to speak about  politics. According to him, in this light, the desire of the  authorities to hold elections at the scheduled time at any cost is a  big mistake. The coronavirus has discounted its political ambitions  and expectations, but the Artsakh authorities stubbornly refuse to  notice this.

"In Artsakh, it is simply necessary to carry out all the events that  are held in Armenia. All this needs to be synchronized on the basis  of the experience of Yerevan. What is the point of the elections if  they can end with the penetration of coronavirus into the army? See  what Italy's lack of risk assessment led to , Spain, USA. Meanwhile,  Artsakh is following the same path today, is going to hold elections  in this situation.  Thank God, the authorities in Armenia are in  control of the situation. I am convinced that action should be taken  in the issue of holding elections in Artsakh only in the category of  statesman, not politician, "summed up Arzumanyan. The main  competitors in the upcoming March 31 presidential and parliamentary  elections in Artsakh are ex-minister of state, one of the richest  people in the country Araik Harutyunyan and current Foreign Minister  Masis Mayilyan. Harutyunyan is supported by the current authorities  of Artsakh, Mayilyana is ex-commander of the Artsakh Defense Army  Samvel Babayan, several other political forces.  In total, 14  presidential candidates registered in the Artsakh CEC. 

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