Thursday, March 26 2020 11:39
David Stepanyan

Parliamentarian: Control over the pace of distribution of COVID-19 in  Armenia is encouraging

Parliamentarian: Control over the pace of distribution of COVID-19 in  Armenia is encouraging

ArmInfo.The control over the spread of COVID-19 in Armenia is encouraging. A similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo, Armenian MP from the "My Step" block Arusyak Dzhulakyan.

"Fortunately, the number of patients infected with coronavirus in our  country is growing in a certain number, but not exponentially. And if  we can control the foci of infection, we can ascertain the ability to  cut the chain of the virus. In this fight, as we all see "The  government spares no efforts and efforts. And the same people cured  of the infection, whose number, fortunately, is also growing, testify  to the serious, close to self-sacrifice work of our health workers,"  she emphasized.

According to Dzhulakyan, coercive measures on the part of the state  against citizens related to the threat of coronavirus are not  serious, quite natural. And all crowds of citizens, bypassing the  instructions of the commandant's office, should and will be punished  accordingly, including through law enforcement agencies.

According to the parliamentarian, the natural course of life of the  citizens of Armenia has already been violated, which must be accepted  as an objective reality. According to her estimates, it is almost  impossible to predict something in a similar situation, in the  context of the war with a pandemic, which today affects the whole  world. In this light, Dzhulakyan found it difficult to assess the  situation after April 14, the deadline for completing the state of  emergency in the country.

"The future situation around the coronavirus depends on the course of  its further spread. As far as I understand, our task should not be to  prevent the coronavirus, but to distribute the patients in time in  order to satisfy the needs at our disposal. The fight continues," the  parliamentarian summed up.

Over the past 24 hours, the number of infected with COVID-19 in  Armenia increased by 25 and reached 290, the National Center for  Disease Control and Prevention reports. 18 people recovered, so the  number of actual patients was 272. Tests of 1,440 people showed a  negative result for the presence of coronavirus. 36 people have  pneumonia, among them there are patients in a serious and extremely  serious condition. 

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