Wednesday, March 25 2020 10:33
Alina Hovhannisyan

Business versus Coronavirus: Beeline shares effective tips for organizing a workflow remotely

Business versus Coronavirus: Beeline shares effective tips for organizing a workflow remotely

ArmInfo.Taking into account the difficult time, the humanity faces today, due to the spread of the COVID-19, many companies began to think about organizing a remote mode of operation.

In particular, in order to reduce the risks of infection and ensure the continuous operation of their enterprises, today, business all over the world creates opportunities that employees work from home and do not put themselves at risk.

In Armenia, Beeline is a successful example of the organization of remote work, where, starting from 2017, the BeeFREE project has been operating, which is an innovative system of remote work.

“At the moment, according to doctors, the most effective way to prevent coronavirus is social distance and self-isolation. And we were very lucky that the company already had a ready-made and tried-and-tested model: the necessary infrastructure and digital tools to ensure uninterrupted service. We have expanded it to the maximum possible number of employees, and we work efficiently from home, ” Beeline PR director Naira Nazaryan says.


Having chatted online with several Beeline employees, ArmInfo decided to share with its readers several of the most relevant lifehacks, how to conveniently and efficiently work from home:

  • First of all, prepare family members. This is a stress for them as well. Many do not understand why they cannot contact you at any time if you are at home. Especially if there are children at home and older people. The hardest thing is with children - but you can also agree with them.
  • Do not forget to sometimes leave computer and take breaks in the work for 10-15 minutes every 1.5-2 hours. You can wash the dishes or take a walk. Such short breaks will help you to be more effective and healthy.
  • When communicating with colleagues, especially by video calling, do not forget about what is happening around. Try to set the camera, so that it captures only you.
  •  If suddenly the electricity turns off or something else happens that affects your availability, warn colleagues and partners.
  •  You can use the time that you had spent on the way to the office and back, on physical exercises or yoga classes at home. It is very useful.
  •  Music. Yes, it may distractss, but there are people who simply can not live without it. A playlist of your favorite tracks will help cheer you up and increase your work efficiency.

Head of the department of inter-operator interaction Karine Yeghiazaryan is sure that a convenient place to work is the key to success. “But working on the sofa or without getting out of bed is not the best option. It relaxes and makes you less concentrated. A much better choice would be a comfortable chair and a table, on which there is nothing to distract you. "




  •  Keep in touch with colleagues. Even from home, using modern technology, we can constantly be in touch with the team and not miss important meetings. The programs with the functions of video communication and video conferencing will help us.
  •  Try to group issues that require a brief discussion or clarification of status by colleagues, and accordingly, making one call to each of them, you can quickly discuss and clarify all issues.

“Previously, the ability to work from home sometimes influenced my choice of Beeline as an employer. Today I use it every day, and during this difficult period I feel the company cares about my health and well-being. Regardless of whether the employee is in quarantine at home or works remotely, he/she will be paid, ” said one of the interlocutors.

Summing up the above mentioned, we should to note the Beeline's responsible attitude and care about its employees. And most importantly, Beeline is guided by such a policy not only in crisis period, thereby confirming its status as a socially responsible company.

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