Friday, March 13 2020 11:42
Marianna Mkrtchyan

International arms exhibition "ArmHiTech - 2020" canceled in Yerevan

International arms exhibition "ArmHiTech - 2020" canceled in Yerevan

ArmInfo. The third international arms and defense technology exhibition "ArmHiTech -  2020", scheduled for March 26-28, 2020 in Armenia, has been canceled.

It should be noted that the organizers of the event are the Ministry  of High-Tech Industry and the Ministry of Defense of Armenia. During  the event, business forums, presentations, as well as business  meetings were to be held. Traditionally, the exhibition brings  together under one roof the representatives of more than 100  international companies from more than 20 countries involved in the  production of military- industrial and defense technologies, as well  as senior officials and prominent representatives of the field.  The  exhibition creates a platform for new cooperation, exchange of  experience, product presentation, as well as for opening new markets.  The priority areas of the exhibition are command and control systems,  communications and communications, automatic troop control systems,  unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft systems, laser technologies and  other relevant topics.

It should be noted that due to the threat of the spread of a new type  of coronavirus, the Armenian Ministry of Defense imposed quarantine  at the end of February, restricting the movement of personnel of the  RA Armed Forces and banning any visits. And yesterday, it urged  citizens to visit defense institutions only when absolutely necessary  and with protective masks.

To date, 6 cases of coronavirus disease have been registered in  Armenia, several dozen more are in the quarantine zone. 

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