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David Stepanyan

Forecast: If the authorities do not use administrative mechanisms of  the past they will lose on April 5

Forecast: If the authorities do not use administrative mechanisms of  the past they will lose on April 5

ArmInfo. If the authorities do not use administrative mechanisms, within the framework of the logic of the Constitution effected until 2018, they will not be able to  collect the necessary number of "Yes" on April 5. Political scientist  Stepan Danielyan expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

To recall, on February 10, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian signed  a decree on holding a referendum on constitutional amendments on  April 5. Earlier, at an extraordinary sitting of the National  Assembly of Armenia on February 6, the MPs voted "for" the issue of  the need to adopt amendments to the Constitution, providing for the  termination of the powers of the chairman and members of the  Constitutional Court for a referendum. We are talking about article  213 of the Constitution governing the tenure of members and the  chairman of the Constitutional Court. The adoption of the amendments  will allow the resignation of the current composition of the  Constitutional Court.

"Our people just don't understand why they have to vote for. In the  end, only a few understand what the expected constitutional changes  are supposed to be. I read a little more and tried to analyze this  system document, which requires special knowledge. In this light, the  legitimacy of the forthcoming referendum is heavily threatened, "the  political scientist emphasized.

According to Danielyan, after the "velvet revolution" it is necessary  to engage in state-building work.  Meanwhile, the authorities are  trying for the second time under the guise of a revolution to inspire  citizens to help them get rid of seven members of the Constitutional  Court who are undesirable for them personally.  In this light, he  believes that the government does not have a serious message to  society, respectively, once again appeals to the revolution.

The political scientist characterizes a similar situation as  speculation, exploitation of citizens through the substitution of  concepts, by bringing completely different processes to the idea of  an accomplished revolution. Moreover, representing almost any issue  as another revolution, the authorities, according to his estimates,  accordingly represent any of his opponents as  counter-revolutionaries.

"In my opinion, the passivity of the former government in opposing  the constitutional referendum is precisely due to the reluctance to  give the trump card to the current government. In other words, to  stick the label of counter-revolutionaries on all disagreeing with  the "Yes". Passivity of the" former "deprives the current rational  explanation of the desire to implement a new revolution . It just  stops working," concluded Danielyan.

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