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David Stepanyan

Politician: The current composition of the Constitutional Court is  incapable of administering constitutional justice

Politician: The current composition of the Constitutional Court is  incapable of administering constitutional justice

ArmInfo. It is clear that the current composition of the Constitutional Court is incapable of administering constitutional justice; another thing is what will  happen after its dissolution. Secretary of the executive body of the  Citizen's Decision party Suren Sahakyan expressed a similar opinion  to ArmInfo.

"In this regard, we formulated and presented to our colleagues from  the ruling "Civil Contract" party seven questions, the answers to  which we expect to receive until March 20. We expect that they will  give the answer to the main question - "why should citizens say "Yes"  or "No" to the Constitution?. "We, in particular, are interested in  the future of the Constitutional Court as an institution," he said.   Sahakyan noted that "Citizen's Decision" does not consider the  current Constitution, adopted through fraud, as legitimate. However,  at the same time it allows its use by the authorities as a road map,  given the absence of other legitimate documents, and the presence of  Nikol Pashinyan as the only legitimate phenomenon in the country.

The further position of the "Citizen's Decision" party regarding the  issue of participation in the constitutional referendum planned for  April 5 depends on the response of the Civil Contract party.   However, according to Sahakyan, his party will not be in the "No"  camp, in any case. If colleagues from the ruling party present  comprehensive answers to the above questions, the party is ready to  vote "Yes." Sahakyan is convinced that the judges of the  Constitutional Court should have authority in their field and it is  not at all necessary that they never have any relation to politics.  The politician determines the political neutrality of any judge by  the degree of public confidence in his impartiality. "The  impartiality and competence of the same Vahe Grigoryan, who has  repeatedly made political statements, does not raise questions for me  personally," Sahakyan summed up.

On February 10, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian signed a decree  on holding a referendum on constitutional amendments on April 5.  Earlier, at an extraordinary sitting of the National Assembly of  Armenia on February 6, theMPs voted "for" the issue of the need to  adopt amendments to the Constitution, providing for the termination  of the powers of the head and members of the Constitutional Court for  a referendum. We are talking about article 213 of the Constitution  governing the tenure of members and the head of the Constitutional  Court. The adoption of the amendments will allow the resignation of  the current composition of the Constitutional Court.

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