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Ani Mshetsyan

Armen Grigoryan: the issue of closing the border with Georgia was not  discussed

Armen Grigoryan: the issue of closing the border with Georgia was not  discussed

ArmInfo.A number of steps have been taken to Prevention, a working group was created led by the Deputy Prime Minister Armenia Tigran Avinyan, who is constantly in  touch with responsible structures of the healthcare system of Iran. 

Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan stated  this in an interview with reporters on February February, speaking  about the prevention of coronavirus in Yerevan.

He noted that inside Armenia also steps are being taken in this  direction. "As you know, a decision was made related to the border  with Iran, there are certain restrictions. As for the remaining  issues, all departments in Armenia and abroad are connected online.  In case of danger, we will take appropriate measures" - emphasized  Grigoryan.

When asked if there could be a decision to close the border with  Georgia, in which the case of the emergence of a coronavirus had  already been recorded, the Security Council Secretary noted: "This  issue is not discussed at the moment. Our relevant departments are in  touch with regard to the situation in Georgia.  All questions are  being discussed. We will make decisions on the situation, "he  stressed.  Note that coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the  world. On the eve of the Armenian Foreign Ministry issued a statement  in which it urged its citizens to refuse trips to China, Iran, Japan,  South Korea and Italy in connection with the acute epidemiological  situation associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) in these countries.

Recall that for the same reason, Armenia suspended air and land  communications with Iran for two weeks.  According to the World  Health Organization (WHO), on Wednesday, February 26, a total of  80,980 people in the world were infected with coronavirus, which  spread from China. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhan Ghebreyesus said  the sharp increase in cases of disease outside of China "raises  serious concerns." In Iran, 139 cases of illness and 19 deaths have  been officially confirmed, but the true extent of spread in this  country can be much wider. Iran's Deputy Minister of Health Iraj  Harirchi, who had previously denied that the authorities were hiding  the true extent of the disease, confirmed that he had discovered the  virus.  In South Korea, according to data on Wednesday, 1261 people  became infected with coronavirus, 11 of them died. This country has  the most cases of disease outside of China. Many supporters of the  apocalyptic sect "Shinjongji Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony"  were infected there - its followers believe that its founder is the  embodiment of the Second Coming of Christ to Earth. Authorities check  for the presence of the virus all 215 thousand members of this sect. 

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