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Emmanuil Mkrtchyan

At the age of 74 in France, the former head of the Yerevan Brandy  Factory (YBF) Pierre Larech  passed away

At the age of 74 in France, the former head of the Yerevan Brandy  Factory (YBF) Pierre Larech  passed away

ArmInfo.On Wednesday night in France, at the age of 74, the former president and general director of the Yerevan Brandy Factory (YBF), a great friend of  Armenia and Artsakh, Pierre Larech, died. Ex-Prime Minister of  Armenia Hrant Bagratyan wrote about this on his Facebook page. Larech  is remembered by the people of Armenia as a great soul and a great  manager who headed the strategic enterprise for the country after  selling it to the world leader in the production of premium alcohol,  the French company Perno Ricard.

Pierre Larech managed to restore the world-famous reputation of  Armenian cognacs by introducing the best practices and technologies  of cognac production. Until the last day, Larech fought against fakes  of "Armenian brandy". According to Bagratyan, the export of cognac in  1999-2005 increased by 4.5 times.  The plant has become an effective  enterprise, its profit has increased from $ 1.5 million to $ 25  million, the average salary of employees has grown 7 times. The  company was one of the first in Armenia, whose employees received  medical insurance.

Lerech was seriously involved in charity and social programs. For the  first time in Armenia, he created a petanque sports club - a  Provencal national sport - throwing metal balls. A platform for the  game was created in the very center of the capital and gave the city  a special social flavor. Unfortunately, she is no longer there, as is  Larech himself.


Скорблю по поводу кончины великого человека - Пьера Ларреча, менеджера, винодела и просто баска, женатого на француженке3. Горжусь, что имел честь общаться с ним.

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