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Ani Mshetsyan

Nikol Pashinyan: Despite the fact that the fight against corruption  in Armenia is unprecedented I am not satisfied with its results

Nikol Pashinyan: Despite the fact that the fight against corruption  in Armenia is unprecedented I am not satisfied with its results

ArmInfo. On February 26, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan convened a meeting in the government, during which the fight against corruption in Armenia was  discussed.

"Since May 2018, the fight against corruption has begun in Armenia.   Despite the fact that this fight is unprecedented, I am not satisfied  with its results, I'm sure that the citizens of Armenia are also  dissatisfied with them. I want to emphasize that I mean not only the  initiation of criminal cases of corruption, how much money people's  stolen returned to the state budget of the country. But first, I  would like to note the results of this fight. According to statistics  from the SIS, in 2019 the amount of 4 billion 331 million drams was  restored, " Pashinyan said, adding that a similar situation prevails  in other law enforcement agencies as well. 

According to him, the National Security Service of Armenia restored  1371% more funds in 2019 compared to 2017. IC in 2019 restored 462%  more funds than in 2017, and the Police - 10,767% compared to the  same period of time.  "Such indicators would seem sensational,  however, if we transfer these percentages into absolute figures, we  must admit that after the revolution of 2018, we, according to the  most optimistic indicators, restored only $ 150 million, including  also corruption schemes that the State Revenue Committee declassified  Armenia. If we remove the SRC indicators from these statistics, the  amount will decrease by half, "the prime minister emphasized.

Pashinyan said that if we focus only on the amounts recovered by the  law enforcement agencies of Armenia, then the picture is not so  inspiring. "Does it really seem to you that the recovered $ 70-80  million corresponds to the damage that corruption has inflicted on  Armenia over the past 30 years. My answer is unequivocal - no. I have  been accepting this fact all this time, given the complexity of some  cases, the overload of investigators, etc. I can't note that part of  these explanations is very objective. But all this leads to the fact  that some corrupt officials got a chance to leave Armenia, and the  other part gives the opportunity to disguise their crimes, "the prime  minister noted.

He stressed that the question is whether the law enforcement agencies  of Armenia are fully engaged in the fight against corruption.   "Unfortunately, I can't answer with 100% certainty. Yes,  according to percentage statistics, we have huge success in this  area, but as soon as they are translated into numbers, success is not  so overwhelming. Therefore, the fight against corruption was not  carried out to the full extent. Armenia, as a result of corruption  crimes, suffered billions of drams of damage, and I got the authority  from the people to return this money to the treasury, "Pashinyan  said.

The Prime Minister noted that he hopes that law enforcement agencies  will fulfill this hope of the people.  "And this fact has been  recognized by international organizations. Recently a report was  published that elites, with the assistance of Central banks,  appropriated a significant part of assistance from international  organizations and sent them to offshore accounts. And Armenia took  one of the leading positions in this list. But all this happened  before our eyes, and the law enforcement bodies of Armenia should  solve these crimes while not violating the law in any way, "Pashinyan  concluded.

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