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Ani Mshetsyan

Nikol Pashinyan: I have declared previously  and  I declare now that  I refuse to interfere in the affairs of the judiciary entities

Nikol Pashinyan: I have declared previously  and  I declare now that  I refuse to interfere in the affairs of the judiciary entities

ArmInfo. When I was elected Prime Minister of Armenia, I stated that I refused to interfere in the affairs of the judiciary entities, moreover, I was not going to  give her instructions on behalf of the government. This was stated by  Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in an interview with Public Television  of Armenia.

He noted that subsequently it became obvious - the public continues  to hold the government responsible for decisions made by the  judiciary. "When someone is detained, the government immediately  becomes responsible for it. Or, when some person accused of  corruption is released, the public begins to believe that the cabinet  has conducted backstage negotiations. The country has a total  distrust of the judiciary, since The Constitutional Court, directly  or indirectly, participated in the deformation of the process of  expressing the will of the people during the elections. People know  that the Constitutional Court does not act independently, it acted in  the structure of the pyramid of power. We say that it is necessary to  form an independent judiciary  system - where the court makes a  decision, there would be no discussion about who, when and who put  pressure on the judges' decision is necessary to create a truly  independent judiciary, "-.  Pashinyan stressed. The Prime Minister  expressed the view that there is no confidence in the Constitutional  Court. "Today in the country there is a Constitutional Court, which  made exclusively market decisions, judges served exclusively the  corruption authorities. And all this is considered by the public as  the inaction of the government," he said.

To the assertion that the Constitutional Court is independent of the  authorities, and that this is an independent structure, Pashinyan  replied: "We are saying that it is necessary to have an independent  court and not an independent judiciary, which continues to be  dependent on the corruption system. And this is obvious and provable  by facts. According to the RPA decision, in contrast to the  Constitution, the Constitutional Court had to act according to the  old logic>.

The Prime Minister did not agree with the view that the upcoming  referendum is a shock to the public.  "This is a product of old  thinking, because at that time the words" elections "and" shocks  "were identical.  After the revolution in Armenia, these elections  will not lead to shocks," Pashinyan emphasized. It should be noted  that at an extraordinary meeting of the National Assembly of Armenia  on February 6, the deputies voted "for" the issue of the need to  adopt amendments to the Constitution, providing for the termination  of the powers of the chairman and members of the Constitutional Court  for a referendum. We are talking about article 213 of the  Constitution governing the tenure of members and the chairman of the  Constitutional Court. The adoption of the amendments will allow the  resignation of the current composition of the Constitutional Court. 

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