Friday, February 14 2020 12:35
Ani Mshetsyan

Edmon Marukyan: Society continues to be divided into "blacks" and  "whites"

Edmon Marukyan: Society continues to be divided into "blacks" and  "whites"

ArmInfo.Due to the fact that we do not agree with the position of the authorities in the  referendum, persecution began against us. This was announced on  February 14 during a briefing at the National Assembly of Armenia by  the head of the Enlightened Armenia faction Edmond Marukyan.

He noted that everyone who does not agree with the point of view of  the authorities is immediately labeled.  "They immediately begin to  say that this person is corrupt, is a representative of the interests  of the previous regime, etc. After all, in fact, there were no  significant contradictions or quarrels between us, we simply did not  agree with them on the issue of holding a referendum," stressed the  deputy.

Marukyan stated that the policy of dividing the society into "blacks"  and "whites" continues. "I don't like the fact that hate propaganda  is very active in the country. I believe that labeling another person  is very low only because their positions diverge," he said.

The head of the PA also emphasized that constant statements that  people are trying to take away the achievements of the revolution are  not true. "The achievements of the revolution belong to the people,  and no one can take them away. But constantly calling people to the  streets if something goes wrong you want is simply absurd. Some kind  of kindergarten," the deputy said.

It should be noted that on February 6, the parliament decided on a  referendum, at which the citizens of Armenia will decide whether they  agree to amend the Constitution of the country. On April 5, a  constitutional referendum will be held in Armenia, at which the issue  of judges of the Constitutional Court will be decided. Many deputies  (including those from the Enlightened Armenia - Ed. Party) and human  rights activists said that this decision was unconstitutional, since  initially the deputies had to send their proposal to the  Constitutional Court.

According to the decision adopted on February 11 at the CEC meeting,  the campaign will be held from February 17 to April 3.

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