Friday, February 14 2020 11:49
Karina Manukyan

Republican Party of Armenia defends Hrayr Tovmasyan

Republican Party of Armenia defends Hrayr Tovmasyan

ArmInfo.The referendum scheduled for April 5 under the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia is unconstitutional, illegal and anti-democratic. This is  stated in a statement by the Executive Body of the Republican Party  of Armenia.

<The whole process of initiating a referendum, in its content and  procedure, is completely inconsistent with the Constitution of the  Republic of Armenia and the constitutional law <Regulations of the  National Assembly>, and the political context of the issue has  nothing to do with the guiding principles of building the rule of law  and strengthening democracy.

The sole purpose of this adventure is to create an obedient  Constitutional Court, which will not only not solve many of the real  problems faced by citizens of the Republic of Armenia, but will also  be another step in the destruction of statehood. The referendum  agenda is destructive. This is an opportunity to distract the public  from the most important issues and hide the failures of the  government.

We, stating the foregoing and not wishing to participate in the  disastrous process of the split of society by the Prime Minister of  the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan and his political team,  announce our decision not to participate in the anti-constitutional  referendum campaign.

At the same time, we are alarmed that the reaction of the  international community indicates that this process is not consistent  with a member state of the Council of Europe and is detrimental to  the international reputation of the Republic of Armenia, which will  have serious consequences in terms of promoting the national agenda  and exacerbating regional problems, as well as weakening of the  position of Armenia in the negotiation process on the Karabakh  issue>, the statement says.

Recall that the day before the constitutional referendum was opposed  by the ARF "Dashnaktsutyun", which for many years was in a coalition  with the then ruling Republican Party of Armenia. Head of the  Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan is a former member of the RPA.

We add that the issue of dissolution of the Constitutional Court is  included in the agenda of the referendum 

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