Thursday, February 13 2020 17:28
Karina Manukyan

Weapons and ammunition seized: Police continue to fight against  criminals

Weapons and ammunition seized: Police continue to fight against  criminals

ArmInfo.The Armenian police continue the work aimed at combating criminal elements and eliminating the criminal subculture.

According to the results of a special operation in the Armavir  region, persons representing a criminal subculture were brought to  the police station. During the searches, substances similar to the  drug were found. In addition, illegal weapons and ammunition,  including a pistol, were handed to law enforcement officers on a  voluntary basis. The Police said in a statement that those involved  in the criminal subculture will always be in the focus of law  enforcement.

To recall, in Armenia, measures of responsibility for participation  in the criminal community have been tightened. According to  amendments to the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure,  participation in organized criminal groups is punishable by  imprisonment of 4 to 8 years with or without confiscation of  property.

The legislative package defines the concept of a criminal subculture  and responsibility in cases where a citizen on a voluntary basis  becomes part of it, joining a particular group that has a criminal  focus. Criminal subculture is a group of persons with criminal ranks  and interpersonal hierarchical relations who act in accordance with  the rules of behavior established and recognized by them, which do  not comply with the rules of conduct established by the state or law.  The purpose of these groups is to commit a crime or to sponsor a  crime, to participate in a criminal offense, to resolve public or  private disputes related to violence, threat, coercion or other  illegal actions, or to obtain an illegal gain or other advantage.

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