Tuesday, February 4 2020 17:40
Ani Mshetsyan

MP: If democratic processes begin in Azerbaijan, society will realize  that war is not in its interests 

MP: If democratic processes begin in Azerbaijan, society will realize  that war is not in its interests 

ArmInfo. The statement by the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs and Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan Zohrab Mnatsakanyan and Elmar Mammadyarov presents the  subject of conversation, and I think you should not look for pitfalls  in connection with the duration of this meeting. Hovhannes Igityan,  deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee on foreign relations,  said this in an interview with ArmInfo correspondent.

The MP noted that the negotiation process is quite complicated and  now the parties are trying to find opportunities to implement the  humanitarian measures that they agreed on.

"Negotiations are underway in order to find a solution that will  satisfy all the three parties. Now, as you know, we insist on  involving representatives of Artsakh in the negotiation process.  Since the issue concerns them directly, they should be present. And  it will become clear during the negotiation process if a solution is  found that will ensure the safety of the population living there, if  the Karabakh side accepts any of the proposals, then we will come  closer to resolving the conflict", Igityan said.

He also said that until a solution was found, a policy of preparing  peoples for peace should continue.

When asked by ArmInfo about how it is possible to prepare peoples for  peace, if Armenian-phobia and anti-Armenian hysteria are constantly  being promoted in Azerbaijan, Igityan said: "I think that Aliyev's  dictatorship cannot last forever. And if democratic processes affect  Azerbaijan, its population itself will realize that the war is not  beneficial for it, "the deputy chairman of the parliamentary  committee on foreign affairs concluded.


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