Friday, January 31 2020 17:09
Karina Manukyan

Modern laboratory  increasing accuracy of environmental monitoring  opened in Yerevan 

Modern laboratory  increasing accuracy of environmental monitoring  opened in Yerevan 

ArmInfo.On January 31, the opening ceremony of the laboratory of the "Environmental Monitoring and Information Center" SNCO took place in Yerevan.

In December 2017, by a decision of the Government of the Republic of  Armenia, a territory with a total area of 539 square meters was  allocated for the laboratory's needs.

The Armenian side allocated 73 million drams for the implementation  of the project; another 400 thousand euros was allocated by the EU  for repairs and technical re-equipment, as well as retraining of  laboratory personnel. Thanks to the repair and technical  re-equipment, the laboratory will analyze water using modern methods,  which will reveal the concentration of pollutants even at an  insignificant level. Work on the creation of the laboratory was  carried out as part of the European Water Initiative Plus (EUWI+) for  the Eastern Partnership programme. As RA Minister of Environment Erik  Grigoryan said in an interview with reporters, the modern equipment  that the laboratory is equipped with will help improve the accuracy  and efficiency of monitoring water resources and atmospheric air,  which plays a key role in analyzing the environmental situation. At  the same time, the Minister pointed out that information on the  detected pollution levels will be available to citizens. In  particular, work is underway to create an appropriate mobile  application. For her part, EU Ambassador to Armenia Andrea Wiktorin  noted that ecology is a priority area of European politics. She also  did not rule out the possibility that projects aimed at restoring the  ecological balance of Lake Sevan could be attracted within the  framework of the European Water Initiative Plus (EUWI+) for the  Eastern Partnership programme.

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