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David Stepanyan

Expert: Iran of 1979 and Iran 2020 - two completely different  realities

Expert: Iran of 1979 and Iran 2020 - two completely different  realities

ArmInfo.Iran 1979 and Iran 2020 are two completely different realities. A similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo director of the Center for Strategic Studies  "Ashkhar", an expert in the field of security Rachya Arzumanyan.

"It should be noted that periodic rallies and protests in Iran are a  serious symptom, among other things, due to the change of  generations. Over the 40 years since the Islamic Revolution, the  second generation has grown, requiring change. In this sense, a  downed Ukrainian plane served as another trigger for expressions by  the Iranian society of the anti-government sentiments that have  accumulated in recent years, "he stressed.

In this light, Arzumanyan recalled the numerous protests in Iran  accompanied by victims in 2019 with the same demands for a change in  the political system in the country. Assessing this system, the  expert, noting its resilience, suggested that in all likelihood, the  government will be able to withstand protests and accusations of lies  and corruption this time. Nevertheless, Tehran, according to its  estimates, needs to draw conclusions and start political reforms in  order to adapt Iran to the rapidly changing region and the world.   "Having made an economic, technological leap over the past decades,  Iran, after several centuries of weakness, has returned to the  international arena as an independent player. First of all, Tehran  has restored its role as a regional center of power in the Middle  East. However, this does not eliminate the need for the Iranian  authorities to adapt to new realities in the region and international  relations. Otherwise, they will have to leave either left or not  adapted to the changing situation of the USSR, "the expert said.   Arzumanyan considers natural the desire of the United States to use  domestic discontent to undermine power in Iran. However, he does not  believe that protests in the country can be organized in Washington.   The latter is only trying to use the situation in Iran for their own  purposes. In any case, the expert is convinced of the need for the  authorities to resolve the root causes of discontent. According to  him, only an adequate response from the authorities will allow  adapting Iranian statehood to the realities of Iranian society and  the realities of the 21st century.

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