Friday, January 24 2020 11:22
Karina Manukyan

Hrayr Tovmasyan`s apartment searched

Hrayr Tovmasyan`s apartment searched

ArmInfo.In the apartment of the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan, the Special Investigation Service conducts a search. This was announced on January 24 on his Facebook page by lawyer Amram Makinyan. As noted,  upon completion of the search, the team of lawyers of the head of the  Constitutional Court will make a statement.

It should be noted that at the end of December last year, Tovmasyan  was charged with abuse of power, resulting in negligence with grave  consequences. The CCC explained that this was the same criminal case  in which charges were brought under part 2 of article 308 of the  Criminal Code of Armenia (abuse of power, resulting in negligent  grave consequences) to Tovmasyan's godson - Norayr Panosyan.

Earlier, the investigation established that the former employee of  the Ministry of Justice of Armenia Norayr Panosyan, occupying the  post of head of the Legislation Inspection Inspectorate in the  Ministry of Justice in 2011-2014, together with a number of other  officials, deprived two notaries of the opportunity to register their  work premises for free use. Panosyan wanted to purchase these  premises himself. To do this, he agreed with the employees of the  Ministry of Justice and the City Hall of Yerevan, who organized  fictitious auctions for the sale of these premises, at prices  significantly lower than market prices. In particular, the territory  at the 1st dead end of Baghramyan Avenue, with a market value of 63.4  million drams (about 133 thousand dollars), was sold for 47.5  million, and on Bagratunyats Street, worth 33.5 million (70 thousand  dollars) ), - for 3.8 million. These territories belonged to the  Municipality of Yerevan, which as a result received less income, and  notaries lost their free territory for work. Also detained was an  employee of ZAO "Land and Real Estate Operations> Tigran  Ter-Harutyunov, who gave an underestimated assessment of real estate.  Norayr Panosyan was previously arrested, but subsequently, by  decision of the Court of Appeal, he was released. 

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