Thursday, January 23 2020 14:03
Karina Manukyan

Transparency International: Donating garbage collection equipment to  Yerevan Municipality is not a manifestation of corruption

Transparency International: Donating garbage collection equipment to  Yerevan Municipality is not a manifestation of corruption

ArmInfo.Donating  garbage collection equipment to Yerevan Municipality is not a manifestation of corruption. Project Director of the <Transparency International>  Anti-Corruption Center (TIAC) Varuzhan Hoktanyan stated at a press  conference on January 23, commenting on the difficult situation  surrounding the formation of the composition of the corresponding  commission of inquiry created in parliament.

The expert drew attention to the fact that the KamAZ trucks, which  became the topic of active discussions, were not, figuratively  speaking, put into the pocket of officials, but were working for the  benefit of the city community. If such steps are carried out in the  name of public benefit, then, as was noted, there are no corruption  manifestations. Another question is whether there is a conflict of  interests and the provision of technology by companies as a gift from  the mayor's office based on certain expectations. "We should not  return to those times when business served political goals,"  Hoktanyan emphasized.

At the same time, the expert pointed out that law enforcement bodies  should deal with such investigations.  < In Armenia it is accepted to  be guided by assumptions, not facts. Meanwhile, the facts should be  revealed by law enforcement agencies, not commissions. Thus, the main  task should be to increase the level of professional training of law  enforcement officers so that they conduct objective investigations,  rather than fulfill a political order>, he said.

To note, earlier parliamentary opposition forces expressed their  desire to form a commission of inquiry to study agreements on the  transfer of vehicles and other property to the Yerevan Municipality,  the provision of services by various entities, the transfer by the  community of Yerevan of real or movable property, including property  as well as non-property rights, building permits related to them  starting in September 2018. The commission was created by force of  law, but its composition was never formed, since the "My Step"  parliamentary faction on the eve of sabotaged the vote.  

Earlier on the part of the "My Step" faction of the Council of Elders of  Yerevan, it was noted that the powers of the National Assembly  established in the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of  Armenia did not extend to the investigation or control of the  activities of local authorities. In addition, in part 1 of article 23  of the constitutional Law on <Rules of Procedure of the National  Assembly> it is clearly noted that the activities of the commission  of inquiry cannot go beyond issues within the jurisdiction of  parliament. Thus, although the issues that caused the formation of  the aforementioned Commission were of public interest, they are not  within the jurisdiction of parliament.  It was also pointed out that  the decision document on the establishment of the Investigative  Commission of the National Assembly reflected functions that,  according to the legislation, are the powers of the mayor.

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