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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Tigran Avinyan on Transparency: Corruption Perception Index: Armenia  has achieved breakthrough results in the fight against corruption

Tigran Avinyan on Transparency: Corruption Perception Index: Armenia  has achieved breakthrough results in the fight against corruption

ArmInfo.Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan reacted to the rating data of Armenia in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.  So,  on his Facebook page, Avinyan, in particular, wrote: "We have  achieved breakthrough results in the fight against corruption, which  is also recorded by the international community."

He stated that according to the results of the reputable organization Transparency  International, Armenia improved its position in terms of perception  of corruption by rising from 35 points to 42 points, as a result, the  country's position in the ranking improved by 28 units, as a result  of which Armenia is from the 105th line (2018 year) climbed to the  77th.

"This not only means that we have achieved serious and visible  results in overcoming systemic corruption, but also that we have  created a more favorable and anti-corruption business environment for  local businessmen and foreign investors. As a result of intensive  work in this direction, we expect that Armenia will become a pioneer  in the fight against corruption in the region, "Avinyan summed up.

The so-called Transparency Index of Corruption Perception is compiled  on the basis of surveys of experts and entrepreneurs who annually  conduct various international organizations around the world. Among  them are the World Bank, the American Freedom House and Global  Insight, the German Bertelsmann Foundation, the British Economist  Intelligence Unit, the Swiss International Institute for Business  Development and others. These studies analyze certain aspects -  investment risks, freedom of speech, standard of living, but one way  or another address corruption issues.

The countries with the maximum 100 or even 90 points, the study did  not reveal. The best results have traditionally been shown by New  Zealand, Denmark (87 points), Finland (86), Switzerland, Singapore  and Sweden (85). Also in the ten most "clean" in the corruption  respect of countries - Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and  Germany. Closing the rating is Somalia's Transparency (9 points),  South Sudan (12) and Syria (13).

Among the post-Soviet countries, Russia scored (28 points), Estonia  (74 points), Lithuania (60), Latvia and Georgia (56 each), Belarus  (45), Kazakhstan (34), Moldova (32), Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and  Ukraine ( by 30), Tajikistan, Uzbekistan (25 each) and Turkmenistan  (19).

This year, when compiling the index, Transparency also analyzed the  relationship between perceptions of corruption and political  integrity in each country. It is about how much the political system  is influenced by interested parties and how fully it takes into  account the opinion of all possible public actors. The organization  concluded that good indicators of the corruption perception index are  characteristic of countries where stricter campaign finance rules are  in place and political consultations with the participation of  representatives of the public and business are widely used. Poor  indicators are inherent in countries where "the most important  representatives of politics, the public and business are not involved  in the process of political decision-making".

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