Wednesday, January 22 2020 20:14
Ani Mshetsyan

Prime Minister: Opposition should take advantage of all opportunities  provided to it

Prime Minister: Opposition should take advantage of all opportunities  provided to it

ArmInfo.  Our political team believes that the opposition should use all the opportunities  provided to it. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this  from  m the rostrum of the parliament on January 22, referring to the  situation with sabotage by the "My Step" bloc of the  creation of a  parliamentary investigation commission to study corruption risks in  the Yerevan Municipality.

The prime minister said that after collecting the necessary number of  signatures, it was decided to create this commission. According to  him, yesterday the "My Step" faction of the Council of Elders of  Yerevan carried out a legal analysis and came to the conclusion that  the Council of Elders should deal with this issue. Pashinyan also  emphasized that according to the regulations, if necessary, the  Council of Elders has all the powers necessary to create an  investigative commission. The Ministry of Justice of Armenia also  confirmed that the conclusion of the Council of Elders in the legal  plan is fully justified. If we had not fulfilled this requirement of  the Council of Elders, we would have violated the principle of the  separation of powers, "the prime minister emphasized.

It should be noted that today the "My Step" faction sabotaged the  composition of the members of the parliamentary commission of inquiry  on the study of agreements on the transfer of vehicles and other  property to the Yerevan Municipality, the provision of services by  various entities, the transfer by the Yerevan community of real or  movable property, including property, and also non-property rights  and related building permits. As a result, the commission was never  formed.

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