Wednesday, January 22 2020 18:05
Anna Ulanovskaya

More than half of Yerevan residents work not in their specialty

More than half of Yerevan residents work not in their specialty

ArmInfo. "Do you work in your specialty"? This issue was a key one in the study of the Yerevan labor market conducted as part of the Career Development program by  the Brevis consulting company. The survey showed that 51.1% of the  residents of the Armenian capital do not work by profession.

The polls show that people with secondary special education (64.8%)  and incomplete higher education (76.0%) more than the rest population  groups left the acquired profession. Among people with higher  education, the numbers are more encouraging, only 40.1% of the  respondents do not work by profession.  Among those who change their  profession, people aged 36 to 50 years prevail. According to experts,  this is apparently due to the transformation of the state from the  Soviet system to independence, which resulted in new requirements for  the labor market and an unstable economy.

The employment of people in various sectors of the economy was also  investigated. The main employment is provided by the private sector  (61.9%), the public sector covers 35.1%, while the rest work in  international organizations and NGOs. According to the results of the  survey, more women are employed in the public service (42.0%) than  men (28.0%).

The company "Brevis" is engaged in the study of public opinion and  the provision of consulting services, working on a reputation and  corporate brand.

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