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David Stepanyan

Forecast: A few more years and rallies in Russia could grow into  something more

Forecast: A few more years and rallies in Russia could grow into  something more

ArmInfo. The change of the prime minister and the government of the Russian Federation, among other things, are due to geopolitical and regional impulses. regional  expert Karen Veranyan, expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

"Thus, Moscow is trying to keep within the general geopolitical  context, trying to keep up with the development of events in the  region. In general, the resignation of the government is primarily  due to public demand and has political and economic overtones. It  should be understood that a few more years and rallies in a country  can grow into something more, given the number of citizens who accept  them, "he stressed.

At the same time, the expert does not expect another "Arab spring" in  Russia. According to him, so far there are no necessary prerequisites  for this, in particular, the requirements of society. In Russia, at  the same time, according to Veranyan, there are already general  public whose requirements need to be satisfied.

Even with the ability of President Putin to mobilize the political  elite, financial capital, Moscow today, according to experts, is  trying to resort to "soft power" in order to mitigate popular  discontent. The country's leadership is well aware of the seriousness  of socio-economic problems in Russia.

"The whole country is in Putin's hands. And whoever formally takes  his place, this someone will show loyalty in his attitude. It is  clear that concentration of power around one person for decades is  impossible, changes are inevitable, what is well aware of both Putin  and his entourage, "he said.  

In this light, the expert assumes that Putin will try to search for  his replacement someone, who is ready to show such loyalty in his  attitude. Otherwise, the change of first person will lead to serious  upheaval not only in Russia but also in the world, given the rather  serious role that Russia continues to play in international  relations. 

 Dmitry Medvedev, at a government meeting on January 15 in  the presence of President Putin, announced the resignation of his  cabinet. Putin thanked the former Cabinet for its work, announcing  the intention to appoint Medvedev his deputy in the Russian Security  Council. The fate of the remaining members of the government is not  reported. The post of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation was  taken by the head of the Federal Tax Service, Mikhail Mishustin. His  candidacy, introduced by President Putin, was approved by the State  Duma on January 16. Mishustin headed the Federal Tax Service since  April 2010. In a month and a half he will turn 54 years old.

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